Multi Loop Temperature Controller

Set up a flexible multi-loop temperature controller system with modules that meet specific application needs. Mix input and output based on processing or equipment requirements. The controller modules can be integrated for simplified management of a thermal system. Various module combinations create the ultimate in system scalability and application flexibility. We distribute multi-loop temperature and process controllers backed by advanced communications, from industry leaders such as Gefran, Watlow, and more. The EZ-Zone RM family is part of Watlow’s multi-loop controller selection. The RM series features separate modules for individualized control of: integrated on-off or PID; over/under temperature limits; input/output expansion; and data logging/field communications. High density modules are: high-density on-off or PID, a high-density monitor/scanner, and high-density limit-only. A system using these custom configurable zone modules can establish up to 152 control loops and 256 monitor points.

Multi-loop Process Controller Benefits

The management of electrical power is simplified with a multi-loop process controller. The GFX-4 from Gefran is a highly versatile modular power controller. This Gefran multiple loop controller comes in a compact package and supplies independent four loop management. It features the extensive benefits of having the capabilities of a controller, solid state relay, current transformers and fuses-holders in a single package. The performance-driven Nanodec recorder/controller integrates effortlessly into a control system. In one panel mount unit, users receive data recording capabilities and PID control. Operators gain the edge of sharp, crystal clear interface and universal inputs for an incredible level of accuracy. The latest technology and exclusive multiple loop controller designs are waiting at Hi-Watt. Contact us to learn more!



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