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Supporting our clients is one of the things we do best here at Hi-Watt Inc. We believe it’s our job to assist you long after you purchase your inventory from us. This is why we offer expert technical support, customer loyalty stocking programs and hands-on repair services. We also have a variety of resources at your disposal, from white papers to control manuals. Consider us your lifelong partner in the heat processing and thermal industry.

Expert Tech Support

We are an experienced team of professionals uniquely qualified to assist you in engineering solutions. Our account manager will visit you and your facility to view and discuss your project, provide recommendations and specify product solutions. The sales engineering staff will then assist you promptly with one-on-one service to solve your control and application needs. We also offer onsite startup assistance for all Hi-Watt Inc. built control systems.

Stocking Program

We’re proud to stock a wide selection of parts for many of our valuable customers. Our secure and reliable stocking program keeps your stock exclusive from our other customers, so you can rest assured you will always have the part you’re looking for. We stock from a wide variety of national suppliers including, but not limited to Watlow, Marathon Heater and Nexthermal. Call us today to find out how you can become part of our stocking program.


We offer a variety of repair services. From calibration and board level repair, to onsite tuning PID Loop level repair and onsite installation and start up for all Hi-Watt control systems. We repair everything in the heat processing industry. This includes intricate parts like process controls, instrumentation and power controls. We also handle Hot Runner cards and mainframes, and we even have the capabilities to repair all styles of Hot Runner cables.

  • Calibration
  • Board level repair
  • Onsite tuning PID Loop level repair
  • On Site Installation and start up for Hi-watt control systems.
  • Repair: Process controls, instrumentation and power controls.
  • Hotrunner cards and mainframes
  • Repair all styles of Hot Runner Cables 


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