Temperature Limit Controller

watlow temperature controllerA limit controller is a type of temperature controller that can act as a backup to the main control system. It helps to protect against over-temperature and/or under-temperature conditions. This type of temperature control device is different from alarm output. It guards against unsafe temperatures within a system.

Additional Control Loop Safeguarding

A Watlow limit controller can be an additional method of safeguarding the components in a temperature control loop, such as the sensor, heater control relay, or main temperature control. If temperature variations occur, industrial processes can be hampered or products can be damaged.

Microprocessor-based technology supports accurate, repeatable control within the system. LED displays make the viewing and adjustment of setpoints easier.

Industrial temperature limit controllers will have the agency approvals, as in UL or FM compliance. Multi-channel temperature control provides ongoing monitoring of thermocouples, RTDs or thermal switches – with each channel monitored for unique temperature limitations.

Watlow Controllers

We carry Watlow limit controllers such as the Watlow PM, Watlow PM PLUS, and Watlow PM6. Browse our top brands of limit and power controllers that support productivity and safety.

Temperature Limit Controller Features

Our highly reliable selection of Watlow controllers comes from leading manufacturers and includes the Watlow panel-mount limit controllers. A Watlow temperature controller can simplify the thermal loop system affordably.

This type of integrated device offers limit control in the areas of high amperage power and over/under restrictions. Utilizing an integrated, compact control package can save space, money and time. When pre-established setpoint parameters are reached, a controller can initiate a power shutdown. Resets occur manually or upon a return to safe temperatures.

Watlow Temperature Controllers

Limit controllers from industry leaders come in panel mount or rail mount designs with optional operator interfaces to streamline setpoint modifications and selections. Contact Hi-Watt to order the best in commercial limit control.

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