Thermocouple Sensor / K and J Type Thermocouple

We offer an incredible selection of thermocouple sensors for thermal measurements. A quality thermocouple produces voltage in proportion to identified temperature changes. Our reliable and versatile products come from manufacturers with proven records of producing highly dependable thermocouples. These sensors can be utilized for direct process insertion or with thermowell and protection tubes. A wide variety of design, sheath material and diameter selections are available to suit a comprehensive range of applications. A thermocouple sensing device generates valuable measurements and provides input signals to process controllers. By choosing the proper thermocouple wiring and sheath materials, the appropriate device will be installed in a temperature control system. Mineral insulated thermocouples are rapid responders with intense temperature capacities and magnesium oxide insulation. Standard industrial thermocouples can feature Teflon and fiberglass insulated leads. They vary by temperature range and exterior diameter. Hi-Watt supplies the most reliable temperature sensors from globally respected manufacturers. Our sensing instruments are available in general application (tube and wire), mineral insulated metal sheathed, high temperature, base metal, surface temperature and other thermocouple categories.

Thermocouple Accessories

Hi-Watt offers a full line of accessories to accommodate your varying sensor requirements. These support products can be used to install and maintain your temperature sensor assemblies. Give us a call today for a quote.

  • Standard and Mini Connectors
  • Jack Panels
  • Connection Heads
  • Compression Fittings
  • Bayonet Adapters

Thermocouple Temperature Sensor for Processing

Our leading lines of thermocouple temperature sensors come with broad temperature range capabilities. Thermocouple devices are widely deployed for process and industry applications due to their measurement ranges and durable construction. Their specifications include various calibrations, with J and K commonly used. High temperature calibrations, such as R and S, are also available. Factors to review in selecting a thermocouple include: temperature range, chemical resistance, system compatibility, and installation requirements. Specific calibrations coordinate with specific temperature ranges. Maximum temperatures are dictated by wire diameter. Call Hi-Watt in Detroit, Michigan to determine the unique advantages our sensors will bring to your company.



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