We stock quality thermocouple wire and cable in an array of configurations. Made to stringent material standards, our thermocouple-grade wire offers the top choices in alloy wire type, size, protection and insulation. A thermocouple wire is a duplex wire, meaning two insulated wires of different materials are in one sheath. Each ANSI thermocouple type is comprised of a specific wire pairing that generates signals. For example, Type J cable combines iron and constantan wires. Other commonly deployed thermocouple wiring is identified as E, K, and T. Duplex insulation is color coded according to ANSI MC 96.1-1982. Choose the insulation materials that deliver industrial features – from high temperature capability to optimal noise rejection. Thermocouple materials are dictated by the thermocouple type. Durable fiberglass is used in general and high temperature applications. Economical PVC-insulated wire offers flexibility and affordability. Our most popular insulated wiring categories include:

  • Fiberglass – high temperature applications
  • Teflon – moisture resistant
  • PVC – budget friendly
  • Multi-conductor cable
  • Specialized

Order our best thermocouple wiring with fiberglass, Teflon or PVC insulation. When it comes to thermal system accessories, Hi-Watt has it all!

Thermocouple Extension Wire Connects to Controllers

We want to be your premier distributor of thermocouples and complementary thermocouple extension wire. The commercial thermocouple wiring that connects to a controller or a recording device is referred to as extension wire. It’s identified with an X after the ANSI designation. We sell coordinating wire for specific types of devices. We offer an incredible selection of stock extension wire to meet your specialized requirements. Contact the Hi-Watt pros to receive the most reliable products for industrial or electronic applications. Our temperature sensor wires with color coding support fast identifications.

Watlow Thermocouple Extension Wire



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