Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

mineral insulated thermocoupleHi-Watt, Inc carries a wide variety of thermocouple sensors such as the mineral insulated thermocouple and including popular types such as the j type thermocouple, k type thermocouple, and more. We also carry thermocouple wire, contact us for details.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouple: Fast-responding, durable and capable of handling high temperatures with the use of XACTPAK® metal sheathed cable with compacted MgO insulation. These industrial temperature sensors can withstand up to 2200F or up to 1200C. They come in diameters form .01” to 0.50”or .25mm to 13mm.

Spec Sheets for MI Thermocouples

Termination Options Available

  • Cut and Strip
  • Standard and Mini Plug
  • Rigid Sheath
  • Rigid Sheath w/ threaded fitting
  • Metal Transition with Spring Strain Relief
  • Cut and Strip Miniature Transition
  • Connection Head
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