Molding productivity is supported by hot runner cables designed for their critical role. Mold power cables establish the essential connection between the output power connector on the mainframe and the mold input connector.

A related product is the mold thermocouple cable, which secures thermocouple connectors on the mainframe to those on the mold. Both types of hot runner system cables are latched up quickly.

High power cables are also available. We have the best controllers and cables for hot runner technologies. Hi-Watt is your source for thermal system connectors, wiring and accessories with excellent dependability.

hot runner cables

Mold Thermocouple Cable

  • Used to connect the mainframe to hot runner injection mold for thermocouple signal.
hot runner systems

Power Cables

  • Used to connect the mainframe to hot runner injection mold for heater power.
mold junction boxes

Mold Junction Boxes

  • Boxes are mounted directly on the injection mold. Holds both power and thermocouple mold connectors.
mold connector cables

Mold Connector Kits

  • Kits are used to connect either heater wiring or thermocouples to mold cables. Mounts directly on the mold or a wiring junction box

Hot Runner System Accessories

Maintain optimal temperatures with hot runner system accessories, including cables and connectors. Connector categories include 15-amp and 30-amp electrical products, plus zone connectors. The appropriate mold connector is placed on the mold before attaching a power or thermocouple cable.

Many of our standard power connectors feature compatibility with controllers/main frames. Contact Hi-Watt with questions about connector kits and mainframe accessories for hot runner systems.

Remember, we also offer mold sprays for specialized assemblies. Hi-Watt also repairs and services hot runner components.