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Vaisala is an industry-leading global manufacturer known for its reliable, accurate, and durable detection and measurement systems. Their products are used in many weather, environmental testing chamber, and industrial processes.

Vaisala Thermal Products Hi-Watt Carries

Hi-Watt is proud to be Michigan’s leading Vaisala distributor. We offer a wide range of Vaisala thermal products that support many industry applications. Please see a technical data sheet for each or contact Hi-Watt for information.

Industrial Transmitters

Industrial transmitters convert field device signals captured by temperature and humidity sensors into standard instrument signals for readout or process control. Vaisala’s transmitters can be wall-mounted or duct-mounted and can monitor, control, or measure for humidity, dew point, carbon dioxide, moisture in oil, temperature, pressure, and more.

You can find the following industrial transmitters available through Hi-Watt:

  • CO2 Probes
  • Dew Point Transmitters
  • Dew Point & Temperature Probe
  • Differential Pressure Transmitters
  • Combined Pressure, Humidity, & Temperature Transmitters
  • Dew Point & Pressure Transmitter
  • Moisture & Temperature in Oil Transmitter

All products are compact and can be easily installed in tight spaces. Vaisala also manufactures standalone probes with onboard intelligence that can transmit data directly to control systems.

Humidity & Temperature Probes

Humidity and temperature probes are used to sense, measure, monitor, and alert technicians to temperature and moisture changes in environments, processes, or vessels. While common in testing and ventilation systems, humidity and temperature sensors have many industrial applications.

Vaisala’s sensors have fast response times and are built for harsh operating conditions to control moisture in food processing, paper, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial applications. 

Hi-Watt carries the following Vaisala temperature and humidity sensors:

  • HUMICAP® Humidity & Temperature Probe HMP113
  • Humidity & Temperature Module HMM170
  • Humidity & Temperature Probe HMP110
  • Humidity & Temperature Probe HMP3
  • Humidity Module HMM100
  • Relative Humidity & Temperature Probe HMP4


Industrial transmitters, humidity sensors, and temperature probes provide reliable, accurate environmental information that helps manufacturers adhere to regulatory requirements and ensure product integrity. 

Sensors, probes, and transmitters can be found in a wide range of industry applications, including:

  • Weather Applications (Hydrology, Meteorology, etc.)
  • Food Storage & Transportation
  • Measure & Control Indoor Climates
  • Measure & Control Conditions of Medical Products & Drugs
  • Control Environmental Conditions in Testing, Greenhouses, & Farming Facilities
  • Maintain Environmental Conditions for IT Equipment

Learn More About Vaisala’s Products

Since our founding in 1979, our mission has been and always will be to help manufacturers in Michigan find cost-effective and reliable solutions to common process challenges. Our emphasis on quality and reliability is why we partnered with Vaisala. 

Please contact us today to learn more about our new Vaisala products or to request a quote.