Set up a flexible multi-loop temperature control system with modules that meet specific application needs. Mix PID temperature controllers input and output based on processing or equipment requirements.

The multi-loop controller modules can be integrated for the simplified management of a thermal system. Various module combinations create the ultimate in system scalability and application flexibility.

We distribute multi-loop temperature controllers and process controllers backed by advanced communications, from industry leaders such as Gefran, Watlow, and more.

Eurotherm 3500 Series Controllers

Eurotherm’s advanced process controllers are designed to provide precision control over temperature and other process variables. They stand out as the most adaptable product in their class, thanks to their emphasis on flexibility while still maintaining ease of use. With the ‘Quick Start’ process, users can easily configure basic functions such as input sensor type, measurement range, control options, and alarms. For more advanced features, a PC-based graphical configuration tool is available.

Eurotherm 2700 Series Controllers

The 2704 process controller is the solution to your productivity and cost reduction needs. Its user-friendly interface includes a bright dot matrix display that offers extreme flexibility and ease of use. With features like setpoint programming, math and logic functions, it simplifies system complexity and integrates the process control and logic functions of your machine. Supporting multiple input types, such as thermocouple input, Pt100 resistance thermometers, and linear input types like 0-10Vdc and 4-20mA, the 2704 is perfect for semiconductor, vacuum heat treatment, and research applications.

Eurotherm Mini8® Loop Controller

The Mini8 Controller is a compact device that provides high-performance control capabilities, which are typically only found in Eurotherm panel mount PID controllers. Its modular design enables easy customization to suit a wide range of applications, from simple to complex. This makes it an ideal partner for a programmable logic controller, offering multi-drop capabilities on serial, fieldbus, or Ethernet communications. Furthermore, it provides a cost-effective alternative to analog measurement or loop control, reducing the hardware cost of the PLC.