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TUTCO, a leading industrial heating solutions provider, is particularly known for technical innovation in the process air heating industry. From industrial band and cartridge heaters to duct, pipe, and tank heating solutions, the open coil rapid heating technology from TUTCO requires no protective covering, features low maintenance, and has inexpensive, easy-to-replace components. The TUTCO difference starts with their research and development teams that communicate directly with their customer base to create systems that meet market demand.

Mokon is a well-established manufacturer known for their reliable, accurate, and easy-to-customize temperature control systems for oil- or water-based processes. Mokon’s complete line of fluid heating systems and chillers include portable chillers available in up to a 50-ton capacity and pump tank systems from 250 gallons and larger. Mokon’s products feature a full range of heating and chilling technologies packaged in one system to provide a single solution for the control of circulating water, hot oil temperature control, along with cooling towers and negative pressure systems.

Vaisala is a global provider of industrial, weather, and environmental measurement systems that can detect chemicals, humidity, carbon dioxide, methane, moisture, and temperature. The company’s reliable wall-mount and duct-mount industrial transmitters are applicable in a wide range of industries including environmental testing, pulp and paper, food and beverage, cleanrooms, chemical processing, and pharmaceuticals. Vaisala transmitters and smart probes are also used in processes to measure and monitor moisture, dew point, relative saturation, temperature, humidity, pressure and more.

Tempco is an ISO-certified manufacturer and supplier of turnkey heating components and systems that are used in a wide range of industries. Their reputable products, including their temperature controls, process heaters, and sensors, are designed to hold temperatures, prevent freezing, or preheat components or materials for further processing. All Tempco products come with a satisfaction guarantee.

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Known for their innovation, Pyromation is a world-class manufacturer of thermocouples, thermowells, and RTD temperature sensors. They use advanced manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality temperature sensing and measuring devices. Pyromation also produces one of the widest ranging lines of products that include general purpose, industrial, and hazardous location applications, but can also provide customized sensor designs for highly specific and unique applications.

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Backer Marathon Heater

As a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade heating elements and temperature sensors, Backer Marathon Heater is known for their creative engineering and exceptional customer service. They have rapidly grown since their founding in 1996 and were selected by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States in 2002. Today, Backer Marathon is an international heating technology company that manufactures a wide range of quality industrial cartridge heaters, nozzle heaters, air heaters, along with band and coil heaters for the global market.

Gefran has over 50 years of success as an industrial automation company specializing in sensors, process controllers, drives, motion control, and power control. Hi-Watt supports A wide range of industries depend on Gefran controls to measure and regulate processes, including plastics, heat treatment, metals, water, and manufacturing. The plastics industry particularly relies on Gefran’s melt sensors for extrusions, linear sensors for injection molding, and as well as temperature controls. To meet the specific requirements of industrial customers, Gefran also offers custom solutions for monitoring and controlling thermal processes. Gefran’s high-tech solutions for thermal applications include PID temperature controllers, multi-loop controllers, melt sensors, and linear sensors.

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Dalton Electric Heating Company has manufactured industrial split sheet heaters for almost a century. Many of Dalton’s products are aimed at reducing the cost of industrial processes and eliminating uneven heating challenges. Dalton products also have a reputation for outperforming comparable heating components and equipment, and are used across the globe.

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For over 100 years, Chromalox has been a trusted manufacturer of reliable and durable industrial heating thermal technologies, including heat trace cables and controllers, cartridge heaters, immersion heaters, strip heaters, ceramic band heaters, quartz infrared heaters, thermowells, and RTD sensors for industrial applications.

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Since 1949, BriskHeat has provided flexible heater and temperature control solutions to manufacturers around the globe. Their surface heating elements, controls, and accessories are used in a wide range of applications, including process heating, viscosity control, freeze protection, and condensation prevention. BriskHeat also has the ability to design custom heating technology components with their advanced, patented core technology.

Watlow® manufactures a wide variety of electric heating elements, temperature sensors, and temperature controls used for defense systems, medical equipment and pharmaceutical processes, industrial manufacturing, chemical processes, and more, and currently holds over 450 patents. Watlow® also designs complete industrial thermal systems for clinical equipment, food service equipment, and semiconductor processes, along with energy and environmental technologies. When a manufacturing process requires specific thermal solutions, Watlow’s® world-class industrial technology and thermal products are often the answer.

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