Cartridge Heaters

Our selection of quality cartridge heaters (also known as rod heaters or insertion heaters offer exceptional durability and performance through advanced designs, superior materials and rigorous manufacturing standards. They provide corrosion resistance and efficient heat transfers. As dependable cartridge heaters suppliers our reliable brands are built for long life and more uniform temperatures.

Cartridge/insertion heater construction consists of an electric heating coil surrounded by a tube-shaped metal case. These industrial heaters come in a wide variety of diameters and lengths. They provide excellent vibration resistance.

Standard Insertion Heater

insertion heaters
  1. High Temperature Lead Wires for Temperatures up to 550° C.
  2. Stainless Steel Sheath can support up to 1000 F and Incolloy Sheath can support up to 1400° F.
  3. High Impact Ceramic Cap retards contamination and is suitable for high vibration applications. Deep holes in cap prevent fraying of leads when bent.
  4. Nickel-Chromium Resistance Wire for maximum heater life, evenly wound for even heat distribution.
  5. High Purity Magnesium Oxide fill selected for maximum dielectric strength and thermal conductivity, highly compacted for maximum heat transfer.
  6. 304 Stainless Steel Sheath for oxidation resistance in a wide variety of environments. 316 Stainless Steel.
  7. TIG Welded End Disc to prevent contamination and moisture absorption

Split Sheath Cartridge Heater

Use a unique, patented split-sheath design that expands when energized to maximize heat transfer through greater contact with the wall of the bore. Better heat transfer means less power is consumed to maintain the set point temperature, reducing operating costs.

Custom Cartridge Heaters

Used for process heating, a rod heater is sometimes referred to as an insertion heater. This is because the unit is inserted into a specially drilled hole to heat metal parts or small areas. Each industrial rod heater will come in a specific watt density. Leads and voltages also vary between models.

High-Density Cartridge Heaters

High-Density cartridge heaters are a versatile and robust heating solution, designed for applications where high power is required in confined spaces. These heaters are characterized by a high watt density, meaning they can deliver a significant amount of heat in a small package.

High-density cartridge heaters offer several advantages:

  • High watt density: The high watt density allows for a significant amount of heat to be produced in a small space.
  • Long service life: Due to their robust design, high-density cartridge heaters have a long operational lifespan.
  • Versatile: They can be used in a wide range of applications due to their ability to reach high temperatures.
  • Precise temperature control: These heaters can maintain precise temperatures, making them ideal for applications where temperature control is critical.

We have high-watt or medium-watt density rod heaters available. First-class materials and manufacturing are featured in our durable rod heaters for commercial applications. Our knowledgeable Hi-Watt team will help you locate the best industrial electric heaters for your needs, so call today.

You can also shop our catalog of cartridge heaters in stock directly on our website.