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Mokon has been a leading manufacturer of temperature control units since 1955. Their products are known for being user-friendly, precise, and efficient and are widely used in the rubber, chemical processing, die casting, food processing, and plastics industries. 

Manufacturers looking for high-quality Mokon products can turn to Hi-Watt. Founded in 1979, we’re a leading heating and temperature control systems distributor in Michigan and proudly offer a wide range of Mokon products.

Circulating Water Temperature Control Systems

Many processes require temperature-stabilized water to control temperatures in a wide range of processes. Preheated, recirculated water may lose or gain heat throughout the process. Mokon’s circulating water temperature control units help maintain high-temperature control up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Hi-Watt sells all Mokon circulating water temperature control systems, including:

  • Minitherm®: This compact system has 2 or 4 kW heating capacities. 
  • Hydrotherm: This powerful, stainless steel system has heating capacities of up to 24 kW and is perfect for food and beverage processes.
  • Duratherm: This system is specifically designed for corrosive and chemical applications. It has heating capacities of up to 96 kW and excellent temperature performance of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius).  

We also carry full-range standard systems with up to 60-ton chilling capacities, heating capacities up to 96 kW, and flow rates between 9 and 120 GPM. We can also provide custom-engineered systems based on unique applications.

Heat Transfer Oil Systems

Hi-Watt carries Mokon heat transfer oil systems that can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. These include the HTF-400, HTF-500, and HTF-600 for temperatures of 400, 500, and 600 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. The HTF-HF and HTF-ST are larger flow and higher heating capacity systems, while the Xtreme-Therm® is a rugged, circulating oil temperature control system designed specifically for chemical applications and other applications with harsh environmental conditions. 

Portable Chillers

We also carry central and portable chillers from Mokon. Portable chillers cool liquids at one service point, while central chillers are designed to provide cooling water to multiple service points.

Our inventory includes the Iceman Series, which features compact designs, reliable and accurate onboard process controls, and covers a range of chilling capacities up to 60 tons.

We also provide full-range chiller systems, including the Mokon 311 series, an all-in-one process heating and chilling system. Mokon 311 has a range of 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 380 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 degrees Celsius to 193 degrees Celsius). 

Our inventory also includes larger Mokon chillers for industry-specific applications. These chillers include the Xtreme-Therm®, specifically designed for chemical and harsh environments, and Pura-Therm®, designed for critical environments such as pharmaceuticals.

Cooling Towers

Mokon’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) water cooling towers are cost-effective and efficient solutions for large HVAC systems and power plants. They’re available in two unique, leak-proof designs: forced-draft (10 to 100 tons) and induced-draft (55 tons and up). Both designs require minimal space and are easy to maintain. The one-piece HDPE shell is lightweight yet durable and resistant to corrosion and bacteria growth. With a single-point inlet water connection and factory-assembled construction, these cooling towers are also easy to install. 

Leak-Master Negative Pressure Systems

Mokon’s portable Leak-Master negative pressure systems prevent leaks during plastic injection molding without stopping production. Instead of pushing water through the process, the Leak-Master draws the water, creating a vacuum that effectively stops leaks. The Leak-Master is also fast to install, meets NFPA 79 standards, and can be used in other applications, including fossil-fuel power stations, chemical plants, and oil refineries. 

Power & Process Control Panels

Mokon’s engineered power and process control panels are designed and built to meet process capacity, power requirements, and environmental conditions. All Mokon power and process control panels are NEMA-rated, UL-certified, and feature stainless steel enclosures for wash-down environments. They’re also built to meet multiple industrial communication protocols, including Modbus, Profibus, and Ethernet, and can be integrated with existing LAN or WAN architectures.

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Hi-Watt is proud to be a trusted supplier of safe and reliable industrial heating products from brands like Mokon. We’re happy to help you find the right temperature control solution for your application and can even provide custom-engineered options. 

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