There are three main types of these heaters that differ by material: mica, ceramic, and mineral insulated. They come in various sizes and each brings their own strengths to the table. These are sometimes further subdivided based on the following factors:

  • Performance specifications
  • Sheath material or sleeve
  • Termination type
  • Dimensions
  • Mounting
  • Insulation

Mica Band Type Heaters

For less intense temperatures, mica insulation offers competitive dielectric strength and corrosion resistance. The maximum temperature is lower, typically around 900 degrees Fahrenheit, but the water and chemical resistance make them popular in harsh environments.

Mineral Insulated Heaters

Mineral-insulated band heaters derive their name from the unique mineral-based insulation they employ. This insulation material exhibits significantly higher thermal conductivity than traditional options like mica and ceramic. The exceptional thermal conductivity allows these heaters to achieve maximum temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, catering to the most demanding heating requirements. In addition, their superior heat transfer capabilities ensure enhanced overall efficiency.

Ceramic Band Type Heaters

Ceramic band type heaters are heaters that can handle extreme temperatures, typically up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. The excellent insulation of a ceramic segment helps you focus the heat where you need it, but the insulation also retains heat for longer, making overheating an issue. Ceramic bands reduce operations costs and energy consumption. They can sustain temperatures as high as mineral insulated heaters, but the outside temperature remains low. Thus, there is less wasted heat. For increased efficiency, you may also consider double-insulation options. To make this genius engineering possible, manufacturers construct these bands out of stainless-steel housing and then stack ceramic tiles on the inside. To add to this, they are built to last and easy to install. Finally, they also offer more termination options than mica and mineral insulated options. These include the following:

  • Termination box
  • Euro connectors
  • Fiberglass lead
  • Post terminals

Hi-Watt’s Trusted Band Heater Manufacturers

Hi-Watt carries the industry’s most trusted temperature control band heater manufacturers Tempco, Chromalox, and Watlow. 


Tempco, an ISO-certified manufacturer and supplier, specializes in turnkey heating components and systems catering to various industries. Distinguished for their impeccable product line, including band heaters, Tempco’s solutions are meticulously engineered to regulate temperatures, prevent freezing, or facilitate preheating for subsequent processing. 


Maxibands are versatile and can be designed to serve as Heat/Cool, Heat Only, or Cool Only. The extruded aluminum track features precisely sized channels to accommodate a .315-diameter tubular heating element. This design ensures rapid heat transfer and maintains a consistent temperature throughout.

Mi-Plus® Band Heaters

The Mi-Plus is the ideal solution for applications that require high watt densities (W/in2) and/or high operating temperatures. Our Mi-Plus band heaters can reach temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C) and support watt densities of up to 150W/in2 (23.25W/cm2). The recommended maximum watt density for your specific application will vary based on the heater size and operating temperature.


With over a century of experience, Chromalox has established itself as a reliable and durable manufacturer of industrial heating thermal technologies. 


Experience the power of Mighty Tuff™ Mineral Insulated Band Heaters with their exceptional high watt density and impressive temperature capabilities up to 1200°F (650°C). Perfect for challenging industrial applications that demand fast start-ups and higher operating temperatures.


With over 450 patents, Watlow® products find applications in defense systems, medical equipment, pharmaceutical processes, industrial manufacturing, and chemical processes. Additionally, Watlow® specializes in designing complete thermal systems for clinical equipment, food service equipment, semiconductor processes, and energy and environmental technologies. 

Mineral Insulated (MI)

The MI band heater is a high-performance heater that utilizes Watlow’s exclusive mineral insulation, providing higher thermal conductivity than traditional heaters using mica and ceramic insulators. It consists of a layer of highly conductive mineral material for electrical insulation. In contrast, a thicker layer directs heat toward the target, resulting in efficient heat transfer, lower wire temperatures, and increased heater lifespan.

Specifications & Temperature Tolerances

Hi-Watt offers mica and nozzle band heaters in a variety of sizes and voltages to meet your specific application’s needs.

Nozzle Heater Stock Options

WattsPart Number 120 VPart Number 240V
11 1/2150NZ1010-10150NZ1010-20150
1 1/21150NZ1510-10150NZ1510-20150
1 1/21 1/2275NZ1515-10275NZ1515-20275
1 1/22300NZ1520-10300NZ1520-20300
1 1/22 1/2400NZ1525-10400NZ1525-20400
1 1/23450NZ1530-10450NZ1530-20450
1 1/24500NZ1540-10550NZ1540-20550
1 1/25700NZ1550-10700NZ1550-20700
1 1/26900NZ1560-10900NZ1560-20900
1 3/41 1/2300NZ1715-10300NZ1715-20300
1 3/42350NZ1720-10350NZ1720-20350
1 3/43500NZ1730-10500NZ1730-20500
22 1/2500NZ2025-10500NZ2025-20500
2 1/41 1/2350NZ2215-10350-EZNZ2215-20350-EZ
2 1/42400NZ2220-10400NZ2220-20400
2 1/42 1/4500NZ2222-10500NZ2222-20500*
2 1/42 1/2600NZ2225-10600-EZ*NZ2225-20600-EZ
2 1/43700NZ2230-10650NZ2230-20700-EZ
2 1/21300NZ2510-10300NZ2510-20300
2 1/21 1/2350NZ2515-10350NZ2515-20350
2 1/22500NZ2520-10500NZ2520-20500
2 1/23700NZ2530-10700NZ2530-20700
2 3/41 1/2400NZ2715-10400NZ2715-20400-EZ
2 3/42500NZ2720-10500NZ2720-20475
31 1/2400NZ3015-10400NZ3015-20400
3 1/21400NZ3015-10400*NZ3015-20400-EZ

* Indicates made to order.

Mica Barrel Bands Stock Options

VoltageWattsLead TypePart Number
41 1/2240550Post TerminalsBA040-015H
4224050036″ SSOBBA040-020C-MA
4 1/21 1/2240650Post TerminalsBA045-015G
51 1/2240750Post TerminalsBA050-015E
5 1/41 1/2240650Post TerminalsBA052-015B
5 1/21 1/2240800Post Terminals (2-PC)BA055-015E
61 1/2240900Post Terminals (2-PC)BA060-015G
6 1/21 1/2240950Post Terminals (2-PC)BA065-015B
6 1/2122085036″ FiberglassBA050-010-A301
71 1/2240950Post Terminals (2-PC)BA070-015B
824801500Post Terminals (2-PC)BA080-020A
91 1/22401300Post Terminals (2-PC)BA090-015B
113 5/164603500Post Terminals (Expandable)BA110-039-M226
1344604500Post Terminals (2-PC)BA130-040-M445
143460300Post TerminalsBA140-030-M226