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Hi-Watt is proud to be the leading BriskHeat distributor in Michigan. Since 1949, BriskHeat has been an industry-leading manufacturer of flexible surface heating elements, controls, and accessories. Their solutions are perfect for all applications requiring freeze protection, condensation prevention, and viscosity control.

BriskHeat Products That Hi-Watt Carries

Hi-Watt carries four essential BriskHeat products: silicone heating blankets, silicone heating tape, heating cables, and container heaters.

BriskHeat Heating Blanket

Silicone Heating Blankets

Silicone heating blankets are resistant to moisture and chemicals, fully controllable, and designed to protect valves, tanks, vessels, conveyors, and housing in the harshest and coldest conditions.

We carry several types of BriskHeat silicone heating blankets, including mid-temperature, hazardous-area rated, heavy-duty, enclosure heaters, tote tank heaters, and etched foil heaters.

All silicone heaters have two temperature control options: bulb and capillary, or PID. As an added benefit, controllers come in digital and mechanical formats to suit your needs.

Silicone Heating Tape

BriskHeat’s line of heat tapes features their exclusive XtremeFLEX® technology to ensure flexibility and adaptability in all applications, including freeze protection, condensation protection, and viscosity control.

At Hi-Watt, we carry BriskHeat silicone heat tape in various lengths and sizes. Heating tapes are also available with a PID temperature controller, preset thermostat (RKP), mid-temperature adjustable control (MSTAT), high-temperature adjustable control (HSTAT), or time percentage dial control (BSAT).

SpeedTrace Extreme
speedtrace extreme

Heating Cable

Get reliable BriskHeat heating cables/heat traces from Hi-Watt. BriskHeat’s durable, pre-terminated, and self-regulating cables provide reliable protection for pipes and valves in all industrial applications. They’re also flexible and easy to install.

We carry many types of BriskHeat cables, including SpeedTrace (a cut-to-length, self-regulating heating cable), constant-wattage heating cables for precise and constant temperature solutions, and mineral-insulated heating cables.

Container Heaters

Purchase heavy-duty, flexible, and easily controllable BriskHeat container heaters from Hi-Watt. 

Product options include silicone drum and pail heaters, IBC/tote tank and drum heaters, and gas cylinder warmers. Drum heaters come in heavy-duty, mid-temperature, hazardous area, or wet area options. The controllers for these heaters can come in either digital or mechanical formats. Additionally, all options come in a wide array of sizes and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

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