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Injection Mold Tooling

Over 40% of our business is providing our customers a custom solution. Injection tool makers help drive new product designs in automotive, consumer and other key industries. Hi-Watt helps our tooling customers offer an entire solution by providing heated tooling, manifold and hot drop heating services. Many of these applications require specialty heater bands with high temp specs or low profile clamping to get the job done. Hi-Watt stocks many common sizes of cartridge heaters (anti-seize designs available) and nozzle band heaters for tool makers under time and pressure restraints. We also help save costs by not carrying large amounts of advance inventory.

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Stock Items for Industrial Heating


Hi-Watt is proud to partner with major injection molding heater manufacturers such as Watlow, Backer Marathon and Tempco.

Backer Marathon is recognized as a global leader in industrial-grade heating elements. Hi-Watt distributes Backer Marathon injection molding heaters that feature the latest in technology for plastics processing, transportation, industrial, aviation, and military applications.

Among other high-quality brands that we carry, Tempco, is a manufacturer of electric heating elements, temperature sensors, power and temperature control products, and process heating systems, which are suited for a wide array of applications.

Our partnerships allow us to offer a diverse and powerful range of custom industrial heating solutions. From band heaters and strip heaters to heated platens and thermocouple sensors, we carry everything that you need to fuel your injection molding operations. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing we offer quick turnaround times to all manufacturers in Michigan. If you’re searching for the right injection molding heater—let our team help you find your solution. Reach out to us today to learn more about our solutions.

Stock Items for Industrial Heating

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For our local tooling customers, we have created a just in time stock inventory supply. Tooling customers are in on a weekly basis to pick up heaters and temperature sensors as needed. Additionally, we stock special high temp/low profile clamping options for band heaters that are unique to tooling industry applications. Customers save thousands of dollars per month in carrying costs and the headaches of ordering the wrong specs for the project.

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