Power switching devices complement the rapid switching required by PID temperature controllers and help deliver optimum system performance and service life. They are available in 1-phase and 3-phase/2-leg and 3-leg configurations, feature touch-safe terminations, input indicators, zero-cross, random or phase-angle fire options, ratings from 18 to 1,000 amperes and agency approvals including CE and UL® 508.

Various configurations offer short circuit current ratings (SCCR) of 200,000 amperes, extensive system and heater diagnostic capabilities, heater bake out, integrated heat sinks, on-board fuses, RoHS compliance and serial communications.

SCR Power Controllers

Watlow offers three distinct products for electric heat control. The Watlow Din-A-Mite is a mercury-free controller designed for easy integration into various applications, featuring DIN-rail and back panel mounting. The Aspyre Power Controller family boasts flexibility and scalability, accommodating diverse needs with options like Zero crossing or Phase angle firing modes and multiple inputs/outputs for enhanced data transmission. Meanwhile, Watlow’s Power Series stands out with its microprocessor-based design, providing unparalleled application flexibility in the SCR power and solid-state controller market, offering single- and three-phase models with field-configurable phase-angle or zero-cross firing.

SSR Power Controllers

Watlow offers a range of efficient and versatile solid state relay (SSR) controllers designed for precise power management in diverse electrical environments. Their SSR and CZR series feature environmentally friendly configurations, quick installations, and agency approvals meeting certification requirements, ensuring reliability and cost-effectiveness. These controllers integrate seamlessly with PID temperature controllers, allowing for faster switching and longer life, while Watlow’s innovative fast cycle input card enables SSRs to operate from standard instrumentation command signals, offering the advantages of solid state power controllers at a lower cost. With a focus on performance and adaptability, these SSR controllers provide extensive cycle potential and can integrate with various power control elements, enhancing power management efficiency in applications ranging from packaging equipment to ovens.

Gefran Controller

The Gefran GFX4-IR is a stand-alone unit designed for autonomous management of four distinct electrical power control loops. Remarkably compact, it features independent controls and sophisticated diagnostics. This versatile device is tailored for regulating power across single-phase and 3-phase loads, catering to diverse applications such as high- and low-temperature coefficient resistive loads, short-wave infrared lamps, and transformer primaries.

Eurotherm Epack SCR

EPack™ SCR power controllers are carefully designed to help OEMs and system integrators maximize their resources and quickly respond to customer needs. This translates to lower equipment costs and manufacturing times for both you and your customers. The compact size of EPack™ does not compromise on powerful and versatile features, ensuring fast and easy panel installation, commissioning, and integration into wider systems. 

Eurotherm Epower SCR

The EPower Advanced SCR Power Controller is the perfect solution for upgrading your energy management system. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and innovation, you can reduce your energy costs and maximize your flexibility. With up to four independent control loops, you can tailor the controller to your specific requirements. Choose from current ratings ranging from 100A to 630A and explore additional options boards for even greater flexibility.