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Control Panel

Custom Control Panels

We specialize not only in industrial heaters, but also in designing and building custom control systems. Our objective is to provide a single source control capability that offers you absolute solutions. We design and build cutting edge systems to meet your specifications. We have experience with proven equipment from various leading equipment manufacturers.

Custom Heaters

Our team can fabricate custom heater systems to increase productivity and reduce scrape rates. Our innovative industrial heater enclosures designs have developed through years of experience and client feedback. We manufacture products in carbon, stainless steel and aluminum, making our custom metal work second to none.

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Portable Temperature Control Consoles

Portable Temperature Control Consoles

Our turnkey portable control consoles offer a variety of input, output and communication options housed in high quality aluminum enclosures with a white durable powder coated exterior. Industrial heater and control circuits are fused to protect controls from damage, and inputs are pre-wired making installation a breeze.


Our team will visit your facility to view and discuss your project, provide recommendations and specify product solutions. The sales engineering staff will assist you promptly with one-on-one service to solve your controls and industrial heater application needs. We also offer onsite startup assistance for all Hi-Watt Inc. built control systems.


We have the ability and knowledge to serve a variety of industries. Across Michigan, we’re assisting those in the chemical processing, metal processing, plastic processing, alternative energy, research and development, OEM thermal processing and defense industries. Our process heating services can’t be matched..

Hi-Watt and CVA have merged thermal businesses and expertise under the Hi-Watt/CVA brand. Learn More Here!


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