Chemical Processing

Over 40% of our business is providing our customers a custom solution. Chemical processors need heating solutions that get to the job on time and with the right specifications to ensure heating elements last in demanding caustic chemical applications. Hi-Watt has spent years developing a thorough methodology of specifying correct wattage, watt density and heater sheath material identification.

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Below is a list of products our Chemical Processing clients use.

Stock Items for Industrial Heating

Case Study

A local plating factory customer who used caustic plating chemicals was going through thousands of dollars of heaters per quarter due to early heater failure. Hi-Watt launched a thorough root cause analysis of failed heater elements and discovered that customer did not have correct heater specifications based on the density of materials they were using. This customer then adopted our heater recommendation and was able to achieve product heat up time requirements. They were also able to start replacing the heater every 2-4 years versus every 1-3 months. Production downtime was sharply minimized from two unpredictable times per month to one planned preventive maintenance cycle every 6 months.

Case Study

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