Hi-Watt is proud to be a leading supplier of industrial strip heaters in Michigan. We carry high-quality strip heaters from trusted brands like Watlow, Tempco, and Chromalox that are ideal for a wide array of industrial applications, including heating molds and hoppers. We can even customize our products based on your specific application—our heaters are available in multiple lengths and widths, watt densities, and termination types.

Watlow Products

Watlow has been a trusted global manufacturer of heating products and solutions for over 100 years. We carry Watlow 375 and Mineral Insulated electric strip heaters.

375 High-Temperature Strip Heaters

When high temperatures and high watt densities are required, the 375 is the right choice. The 375 High Temperature Strip Heater is enclosed in aluminized steel and has a coiled, nickel-chromium element wire at the center of the heater, which is embedded in magnesium oxide.

This heater has a maximum operating temperature of 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit and maximum watt densities of 15.5 to 100.

Mineral Insulated Strip Heaters

The mineral insulated strip heater features a nickel-chromium element wire embedded in Watlow’s exclusive mineral insulation material. This strip heater has a higher thermal conductivity than most conventional heaters and has a maximum operating temperature of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit and maximum watt densities of 21.7 to 140.

Tempco Products

Tempco has manufactured electric heating elements for industrial, commercial, scientific, and medical applications for over 50 years. Hard work and high-quality products make Tempco one of the world’s best electric heating element manufacturers.

Hi-Watt carries channel, finned channel, Maxistrip, and Mica Insulated Tempco strip heaters.

Channel Strip Heaters

Tempco’s channel strip heaters are constructed with a Type 304 stainless steel sheath, giving them exceptional strength and resistance to temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also constructed with a helically wound resistance wire coil, allowing it to provide uniform heat distribution.

Tempco’s channel strip heaters are available with or without mounting tabs. If chosen without mounting tabs, the ends are silver soldered shut to prevent damage from moisture and contaminants.

Finned Channel Strip Heaters

Similar to the channel strip heaters, Tempco’s finned channel strip heaters are designed with nickel-plated fins, which are used for forced-air and natural convection air heating.

Manufactured with Type 304 stainless steel, these strip heaters are incredibly durable and resistant to temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Tempco’s strip heaters also contain a custom magnesium oxide mixture inside and around the ceramic insulator to enhance thermal conductivity and dielectric strength.

Maxistrip Heater

Tempco’s .315-diameter Maxistrip heaters are constructed to provide an extended service life in rugged environments. With its aluminum track and tubular heating element, it can provide uniform heat distribution and rapid heat transfer. Additionally, its smooth and flat surface contact ensures exceptional heat conduction.

Mica Insulated Strip Heaters

Tempco’s Mica Insulated Strip Heaters feature a specially designed steel sheath to ensure exceptional rust resistance, good physical strength and thermal conductivity, high emissivity, and resistance to temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. This strip heater also features mica insulation to improve thermal conductivity and dielectric strength, and a nickel-chrome resistance wire to provide a low winding temperature. A stainless steel sheath is available for corrosive atmospheres.

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