industrial humidity sensors

Benefit from the innovation of an industrial humidity sensor designed for light to heavy-duty. We distribute the high-tech sensors backed by attractive accuracy percentages. Their reliable stability levels accommodate a wide range of industrial environments.

An industrial humidity sensor measures the relative humidity of an indoor or outdoor space. Models of moisture sensors will vary by sensitivity levels, response time, and stability. The advanced functionality of a thin-film capacitive humidity sensor fits a range of industries – from pharmaceutical to food processing.

Humidity Monitoring Sensors

Humidity monitoring, measurement, and control are beneficial during manufacturing processes that include drying techniques, such as those found in paper industries. Humidity sensing technology is also commonly used in enclosed areas with strict contaminant limits, including cleanrooms.

Controlling humidity in combination with temperature is essential in HVAC comfort, but it is also critical in sensitive locations, such as a food warehouse or an art museum.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Digital temperature and humidity sensors can provide cost-effective and efficient monitoring of environmental conditions that impact business. Our reliable line of Vaisala humidity transmitters provides a versatile probe and mounting opportunities, as well as the option of tailoring instruments to industrial demands.

Our sensor brands deliver high-tech instruments that perform impressively, with long-term stability, even in harsh environments. For installation convenience, manufacturers may offer integrated temperature and humidity sensors in one transmitter. These combination devices have operating temperature ranges and degree/percentages of accuracy that vary by each model.

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