Temperature data loggers are used in the industrial sector to monitor temperature and humidity. They come in single-use and long-term monitoring options. With the use of free software, data can be viewed as a graph, raw data, or PDF report, complete with a time date stamp for each data point.


Eurotherm Nanodac™ Recorder

The Nanodac™ recorder/controller is a compact unit that offers graphical recording and PID control. With four high-accuracy universal inputs, it is ideal for accurate data recording and control. This secure data recording device also includes a full-color VGA display, providing a crystal-clear operator interface that is easy to use, even on the smallest of machines.

Eurotherm 6100A the Veradac

The Eurotherm 6100A and 6180A Series Data Recorders are essential for businesses that prioritize data integrity. Specifically designed to meet industry requirements for process records in the pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, and food & beverage sectors, these recorders are trusted by customers and auditors alike. The 6100 series offers up to 48 input channels and records at 125ms intervals, making it both self-contained and cost-effective. The 6180A provides unparalleled input accuracy, and it’s freely configurable to suit your process needs. Moreover, the recorders feature encrypted data transmission, data redundancy, and tamper-resistant binary data storage, making them the perfect solution for secure, long-term process records.

Watlow F4T

Featuring a crystal-clear, 4.3″ PCAP color graphical touch panel, the F4T allows you to effortlessly monitor and control all of your process values with ease. With fixed parameters logged, you can be sure that all of your active and current set points, heat power, cool power, and percent power are being recorded in real-time.