industrial current sensor

An alternating current sensor delivers various ranges and technologies for commercial or industrial demands. These sensors detect electrical currents and produce signals proportionally. They monitor one or more powered components.

Our selection of current sensing devices includes CR Magnetics analog transducers, which provide average RMS sensing of the current waveform. This sensing functionality is recommended with the monitoring of fixed frequencies and standard utility-powered loads.

Multi-Point and Remote Current Sensing

We offer products for multi-point current sensing and control panels, as well as remote current sensing. They are also beneficial in the monitoring of motor faults, heating elements and lighting elements. Higher precision current sensing is achieved when the transducers are used with external current transformers.

We distribute analog transducers that provide a 4 to 20mA current loop for reporting sensed values. The loops can be converted to a voltage for input to a wide variety of instrumentation devices including panel meters, data acquisition systems and programmable controllers.

Our instruments engineered for multi-point current sensing come with a myriad of features in one unit. Operating temperature, accuracy percentage, and calibration type are considerations for integrating an industrial current sensor into a system.

Voltage Sensor for General Applications

Enhance efficiency by choosing the best voltage sensor for electrical circuitry. Average RMS voltage transducers and transmitters are designed to monitor a DC output proportional to the AC voltage input.

These devices are best suited for general applications, such as fixed frequency voltage supplies. Versatile voltage sensing instruments come with options for safe rail or panel mounting. Response times are measured in milliseconds and an operating temperature of 0°C to +60°C is featured in our industrial voltage sensors.

Need a sensor? Hi-Watt specializes in current and voltage voltage sensors, pressure sensors, humidity sensors and industrial heaters for demanding markets.