Eurotherm joins Watlow

Eurotherm, a premier provider of temperature, power, and process control systems, was recently acquired by Watlow, a manufacturer of industrial thermal systems. By combining products, Watlow and Eurotherm can now offer a unique inventory of thermal process control, measurement, and data recording solutions that meet modern challenges.

As a trusted supplier of Watlow products, Hi-Watt is proud to expand our inventory to include Eurotherm’s innovative products.

Eurotherm Products Hi-Watt Carries

Maintaining and regulating precise temperature control in demanding manufacturing processes is critical to quality production—that’s why Hi-Watt now carries temperature controllers, data loggers and recorders, and power controllers from Eurotherm.

Temperature Controllers

Eurotherm’s single-loop and multi-loop temperature controllers are an integral part of factory automation that can help lower operating costs and increase production output.

Their fast and highly accurate controllers work with input from temperature sensing devices such as thermocouples or RTDs to monitor, compare, regulate, and log process temperatures without input from human operators.

Data & Graphic Recorders

Eurotherm’s data and graphic recorders provide reliable recording of process data in various secure electronic formats. Process temperatures and other data can be collected for archival documentation, audit trails, process validation, quality assurance, or process improvement. Their data and graphic recorders also incorporate data conversion solutions, remote viewing and operation, batch process recording, and electronic signatures to increase data security.

With these data and graphic recorders, you can feel confident that your system processes will not only be recorded and saved for reference, but will also provide improved efficiency and faster retrieval during data collection, processing, and analysis.

Power Controllers

Power controllers can regulate process and production systems with input guidance from temperature controllers. Eurotherm’s power products range from DIN-rail or panel-mounted power control modules to robust SCR Power Controllers to a versatile suite of temperature and process control software tools that allow easy programming and configuration.

Additionally, these compact power controllers cover a broad range of loads and voltages to meet industrial processing needs, feature plug-and-play configurations, and come pre-wired with a plug-in connection for easy installation.

Learn More About Our New Eurotherm Products

Hi-Watt is a trusted supplier of industrial heating products from brands like Eurotherm and Watlow. From immersion heaters to pressure sensors to power controls, we offer a wide range of custom-tailored products to meet your unique needs.

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