Tempco heaters

As leading Tempco distributors, some of the Tempco heaters we sell include: band heaters, strip heaters, immersion heaters, over the side immersion heaters, rod heaters, industrial infrared heaters, and more..

Tempco offers a range of premier heating elements, controls and full-service industrial heating solutions. If you need a reliable industrial heater or component for your production facility, find out how Hi-Watt can supply you with these Tempco heaters and accessories to meet your timeline.

Tempco Distributors

As a custom manufacturer of a wide range of industrial electric heaters, Tempco has been a premier source of heating solutions since 1972. Here are some basic heater options that you can choose to improve your production or start a new industrial process at your facility:

  • Band heaters: These heaters provide consistent heat around a pipe or other cylinder
  • Ceramic fiber heaters: Ceramic fiber heaters use a high-temperature insulation to reach temperatures as high as 2012 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Drum heaters: Drum heaters come in a variety of designs to heat a drum of liquid. Choose a submersible unit, blanket heater or heated dolly to offer precision heat and excellent performance
  • Tank heaters: Tank heaters use the same basic features but are capable of heating larger tanks and vats in industrial situations
  • Tubular heater: A tubular heater uses tubing that is molded into virtually any shape you need

These heaters are used in food service equipment, ducts, tanks and ovens for all types of heating. Choose an electric heater based on the heating material, design, temperature range and other factors.

Whether you need to keep a holding tank warm, prevent a pipe from freezing or prepare workpieces for processing with intense heat, you can find the ideal solution with Tempco heaters.

Temperature Controls

Controllers offer dynamic ways to adjust and monitor your electric heater. From standard temperature controls and thermostats to the latest in programmable temperature control technology, these products meet the needs of your facility.

Choose PID temperature controllers with the latest software for complex processes. A dual-console option gives you multiple control modules to access vital data and control temperature settings.

Many modern controllers use dedicated software to ensure accurate readings, recordings and adjustment options. This software often comes with a learning curve. If you aren’t familiar with a particular PID controller, work with a premier service provider in your area to discover reliable solutions.

Our team at Hi-Watt is knowledgeable of the latest Tempco controller options and can guide you in installing, setting up and operating your new controller.

Temperature Sensors

A wide array of industrial temperature sensors, cabling and accessories ensure accurate readings on all your controllers. RTDs and thermocouples provide you with a wide temperature range and precise readings. Select sensors that are capable of accurate readings at your desired temperature range and won’t become compromised from contact with your liquid or material.

A damaged sensor is a typical maintenance issue with industrial heat systems. Work with Hi-Watt for support services that diagnose and repair your temperature sensors, controllers and heating unit. Work with a local tech and customer service team to quickly schedule an inspection, receive repairs and minimize downtime.


In order to offer turn-key heating systems, Tempco also produces a range of instrumentation, connectors and other accessories. The sheer range of products can be daunting. Thankfully, Hi-Watt is a leading Tempco distributor. Our team will guide you through all the necessary components for a prompt repair or full-service installation of your Tempco heater.

Quality Heating Components and Support Services

As a leader among Tempco distributors, Hi-Watt has been successfully assisting industrial manufacturers and processing plants throughout Michigan since 1979. Our team can assist you in improving your metal processing, chemical processing or other industrial application.

Contact us today to discuss your industrial heating requirements and find out how you can enjoy a premier Tempco heater for your facility.