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Over 40% of our business is providing our customers a custom solution. Defense and aerospace customers are often faced with vague thermal requirements from end customers while adhering to strict testing guidelines, such as AMS 2750D. Hi-Watt has years of experience in helping customers to make sense of heater power requirements, and heater design and temperature sensor design. Throughout the years, we have acted as an intermediary between our defense clients and system integration third party contractors.

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Product Listing

Below is a list of products our Defense & Aerospace clients use.

PID Temperature Controllers

PID temperature controllers work to maintain critical setpoints for process or equipment temperatures when on/off temperature control is not enough. At Hi-Watt, we carry a wide selection of Watlow® PID temperature controllers with programmable features, data logging, and recording capabilities for improved accuracy and stability in aerospace and defense processes.

Industrial Temperature Sensors

Aerospace and defense temperature sensors are used in a wide range of mission-critical systems, including motion control, liquid cooling, and weapons actuation. Our reliable selection of aerospace and defense sensors includes thermocouples, thermistors, and RTD-type sensors; these sensors are equipped with specific lead wire materials, lead configurations, and temperature ranges, and are well-suited for both extremely hot and cold applications.

Melt Pressure Sensors

Hi-Watt’s lines of defense temperature sensors include melt pressure sensors designed by GEFRAN. These defense sensors use extensometric technology, making them suitable for high temperature applications up to 400 degrees Celsius while maintaining maximum accuracy and reliability. You can also choose from 0-35 to 0-2000 bar or 0-500 to 0-30000 PSI pressure ranges along with millivolt or milliAmp technology.

Air Heaters

Industrial air heaters have a wide range of applications from high temperature ovens to adhesive curing and plastics forming. Hi-Watt can provide custom air heater solutions such as complete turnkey thermal loop systems that can monitor, regulate, and log air temperatures. Our designers can also match your specific air temperature requirements to a custom heater and control panel, or portable control console. And, we provide ongoing support by supplying you with replacement parts, upgrades, and modifications when needed.

Immersion Heaters

When you need a primary heat source in tanks or an additional thermal energy source to prevent liquids from freezing, immersion heaters are the environmentally-friendly, high kilowatt solution. Our various lines of screw plug or flanged immersion heaters are available with power ratings of 2000 kilowatts or more and can be attached to tanks and vessels to heat liquids within boilers, pressure vessels, water or oil tanks. We can also supply immersion heaters that achieve precise temperature control, along with monitoring features.

Silicone Rubber Flexible Heaters

BriskHeat’s Flexible silicone rubber heaters are perfect for demanding, outdoor environments where rain, snow, and frost may be an issue. These heaters are durable and provide uniform and heat distribution patterns for industrial totes and drums. While silicone rubber flexible heaters can quickly become hot, the polymer, silicone jacket will not react with other materials, foods, or beverage products.

Cartridge Heaters

When choosing a cartridge heater, durability and performance matter. That’s why Hi-Watt carries a range of reliable and corrosion-resistant cartridge heaters (also known as insertion heaters and rod heaters). These heaters are highly efficient at transferring heat to liquids, as well as heating dies, molds, or metal parts. Our line of industrial cartridge heaters come in a wide variety of diameters, lengths, ratings, and watt densities to meet your total heat requirements.

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Whether used for the manufacturing of military vehicles or air defense systems, aerospace and defense sensors are a critical part of:

  • Exact Positioning
  • Pressure Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Vibration Control

Case Study

An aerospace tooling customer was given a non-specific set of requirements for heaters, sensors, and controls for an aggressive timeline aircraft adhesive bonding tool. Hi-Watt calculated the proper wattage and sizing for all heaters to achieve stated temperature performance requirements. Additionally, we engineered and provided a custom turnkey multi-zone control system to perform data logging and run the entire 20+ zone process. All items were delivered on budget and on time.

Case Study

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