industrial circulation heaters

The individual components of an industrial circulation heater are often packaged in one complete unit for heating performance. The screw plug or flange heater assembly is connected to a mating tank or pressure vessel. This system is then ready to heat forced-circulation air, gases, and liquids through in-line or side-arm operations. These are direct-contact, industrial electric heaters where fluids are driven past the heating elements to achieve desired temperatures. In choosing self-contained immersion heaters our customers select their preferred sheath material, terminal housing, vessel connectors, and temperature controls. Our high-quality industrial circulation heaters deliver rapid responses and even heat distribution.

Circulation Heater Operations

The immersed circulation heater not only heats but also circulates fluids. This type of heater is ideal in industrial processing, food services, and laboratory applications that involve flowing mediums. Liquids can easily enter and exit the vessel with the heater installed. Our best-selling circulation heaters are frequently used for the heating of clean or de-ionized water. We also have dependable circulation heating models for fuel oil or industrial gas applications. Hi-Watt offers heaters of varying industrial grades that meet standardized to specialized needs and surpass expectations in a range of environments.

Immersion Circulator Heater Features

Process efficiencies can be enhanced with a direct immersion circulator heater built for long life. Units are available with corrosion, moisture and explosion resistance. The tubular designs of circulator heaters will be immersed in fluids that they keep flowing. Over the side immersion heaters, screw plug immersion heaters or flanged immersion heaters can be used to control and maintain the temperature of fluids and gases. Rely on our expertise in finding an immersion circulating heater for water or oil that meets your requirements.