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Over 40% of our business is providing our customers a custom solution. Hi-Watt specializes in servicing the needs and challenges of the plastics industry. Our products and services are used in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, compounding and compression molding, just to name a few. Our team works with plant managers and maintenance managers who are under pressure to keep the presses and lines running 24/7. We’ve proudly built a reputation for quickly diagnosing what parts our clients need, keeping those parts in stock and repairing control/cable items. We offer both individual components, and our account managers can even work with businesses to create a local stocking program to help save time and stress.

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Below are a list of products our plastic processing clients use.Insertion Heaters

Heated Hoses

Heated hoses are critical in plastic processing. There are generally two types: standard and custom. Both types feature multiple layers of high-quality, non-flammable materials. At Hi-Watt, our hoses are lightweight, flexible, and provide excellent temperature resistance.

Heated Platens

Precision-machined for flatness and thickness, Hi-Watt provides a complete design-to-spec of heated platens for use in pressing operations. When you work with our team, we’ll create a custom heated platen that’s ideal for the type of material you’re working with, the space available in your plant, operating temperatures, and more.

Band Heaters

Hi-Watt offers mica, ceramic, or mineral-insulated band heaters in various sizes and temperature ranges. Our custom products are designed to fit all types of plastic processing applications that require fast-acting, indirect heat. Heaters can be customized by specific performance specifications, mounting requirements, sheath or sleeve material, or termination type.

Cartridge Heaters

Choose from Hi-Watt’s range of high-performing cartridge heaters (also called insertion heaters or rod heaters). Our cartridge heaters are available in many diameters and lengths, and are perfect for heating molds and platens. Additionally, these heaters provide efficient heat transfer and are capable of uniform temperature distribution.

Oven Heater Elements/Panels

In plastic processing operations, oven heater elements and control panels offer high-level monitoring of thermal control systems and processing equipment. Hi-Watt specializes in designing and building custom single and multiple-loop temperature control control systems.

Industrial Electric Heaters

Hi-Watt is a leading distributor of industrial electric heaters from major manufacturers like BriskHeat, Chromalox, Backer Marathon, Tempco, Watlow and more. Our inventory of industrial electric heaters include duct/air heaters, industrial infrared heaters, band heaters, strip heaters, and more.

Thermocouple Sensors

Hi-Watt supplies K-type, J-type, T-type, and E-type thermocouple sensors to monitor and control temperature quickly in a wide range of plastic processing applications. Our sensors are available in many designs, sheath materials, and diameters—contact us today if you need help selecting the right sensor.

Melt Pressure Sensors

Melt pressure sensors are essential electronic devices that help prevent machine failure during plastic extrusion and injection molding processes. Hi-Watt carries melt pressure sensors that are suitable for high temperature processes of up to 400 degrees Celsius and pressure ranges from: 0-25 to to 0 -2,000 bar (0-500 to 0-30,000 PSI).

PID Temperature Controllers & Timers

Gain control over multiple process variables by using PID temperature controllers. Hi-Watt sells a wide array of controllers from brands like Watlow or Gefran. All controllers are capable of providing multiple forms of process information for automatic adjustment of industrial process temperature and/or pressure.

Hot Runner Cables & Controllers

Hot runner cables bridge a mainframe’s output power to a mold input connection. Hi-Watt carries both thermocouple cables (low-voltage) and mold power cables (high-voltage) made of heavy gauge, wires that meet industry standard amp ratings.

Mold Sprays

To extend the life of your production molds, be sure to purchase mold spray accessories from Hi-Watt. We carry mold release agents (prevents bonding), rust prevention spray, mold cleaner, and purging compounds (for cleaning injection molding machines and other plastic processing equipment).

High-Temperature Accessories

Hi-Watt also carries many plastic processing accessories, including insulation materials, high-temperature tape, terminals and connectors, and much more. These accessories have exceptional electrical and thermal insulating properties, and will help you overcome most high-temperature production challenges

Case Study

A large injection molding customer was averaging 1-2 downtime occurrences per month caused by out of stock heater bands or hot runner cables. Hi-Watt partnered with them to build and manage a new area of crib dedicated to heaters, thermocouples and staying on top of hot runner cable repair. This customer eliminated downtime occurrences and saved thousands of dollars in monthly downtime costs, and crucial time and stress.

Case Study

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