Industrial Electric Heaters

Industrial heatersAs a leading distributor of industrial electric heaters, we understand the critical connection between high quality equipment and on-time operations. Hi-Watt electrical heaters for industrial processes perform dependably in the most demanding applications. These products are engineered – with a commitment to superior design – by top manufacturers, such as BriskHeat, Chromalox, Marathon Heater, Tempco, Watlow and more.

Some of the industrial electric heaters we sell include: immersion heaters, quartz infrared heaters, radiant tube heaters and more. We also carry a variety of temperature and process sensors including: rtd sensors, thermowells, and thermocouple sensors.

Industrial Heaters for Demanding Applications

industrial electric heatersAt Hi-Watt, we provide process industrial heaters and heating equipment for the plastic, metal, and chemical industries, as well as for research and development applications. We have an impressive track record of delivering proven electric heating solutions.

Our experts are ready to answer your application questions now. Experience increased productivity, reduced downtime and greater profit potential. Choose quality industrial heaters from Hi-Watt.

We connect commercial customers with durable process heaters that meet targeted requirements and perform specialized tasks. Our thermal products are designed to give you outstanding value and long life, while also meeting your specific budgetary requirements. We distribute standard and custom electric band heaters, nozzle heaters, cast-in heaters and more.

You’ll have access the following types of commercial and industrial electric heaters with Hi-Watt:

Our industrial electric heaters offer operational innovation, generating the rapid, reliable heat transfers you need for successful outcomes. From flexible silicone rubber heaters to comprehensive thermal control systems, we help to solve space, shape or application heating challenges. Hi-Watt is dedicated to quick response times and fast turnarounds. Call us today to take advantage of our thermal expertise and personalized service.



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