The electric duct heaters are processed air heater that conducts heat in a range of environments. These industrial electric heaters can be standard or custom models for commercial and industrial applications. Air heaters are available in finned, tubular, or open coil heating element configurations.

Electric Air Heater Industrial

The economical open coil element does not have a protective sheath like the tubular design, which also offers high-temperature capacities. Finned designs have sheaths and their steel fins support increased heat capability.

Electric duct heaters are chosen based on the desired heating element and dimensions/features in combination with maximum air flow, operating temperature and heating capacity. Our selection of air duct heaters and process air heaters includes:

  • Finned strip heaters
  • Electric process air heaters and heat guns
  • Flameless electric heaters
  • Stock and custom air heaters

Hi-Watt Inc. is your trusted source for electric duct heaters, industrial heaters, and air heating systems in a variety of voltages, sizes, wattages and more.

Duct Heaters in Advanced Designs

Within ovens, autoclaves and HVAC ducts, an electric air heater industrial will safely heat air or gases. It can meet low to high-temperature demands with superior efficiency. We make it simple to order equipment built by the most respected manufacturers, such as heaters from Sylvania and Convectronics. Contact us today for more information on stock or custom electric air heating systems.

Air Heater for Industrial Processing

We have the most technologically advanced brands of electric duct heaters available for specialized processes, as well as heaters for general forced air and convection heating. These are industrial heaters engineered to stringent quality standards.

Heating elements are built with industrial grade resistance wire and terminal materials for superior performance. Take a look at our finned strip heaters. Their steel fin construction and sheath designs lead to fast heat transfers and longer element life.

Available Duct/Air Heaters: