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Hi-Watt is proud to carry high-quality insulation blankets, jackets, and thermal boards.

Insulation blankets are custom fiberglass fabric rolls that are used to cover equipment pipes, manifolds, extruders, and other components that operate at very high temperatures. They can help reduce both waste energy and noise. Thermal jackets are usually made from several insulation blankets and come in all shapes and sizes; they’re typically used to cover pipes, valves, and other cylindrical objects. Lastly, thermal insulation boards are made from either fiberglass or ceramic materials; their primary use is to keep pipe valves and flanges from freezing and condensation buildup.

Hi-Watt carries two types of high-temperature wire: MG (250°C) and TGGT (450°C). MG features stranded nickel-coated copper, glass reinforced mica tape, and a fiberglass braid jacket, while type TGGT features stranded nickel-coated copper, wrapped fiberglass, Teflon insulation, and a fiberglass braid jacket. Both wires feature quality, industrial grade components that meet or exceed industry standards for high temperature installations.

Thermocouple wire is a duplex wire made of thermocouple-grade, alloy wire material of a certain type, size, insulation, and sensing performance. The two different wire pairing materials within one insulated sheath will create a specific ANSI thermocouple type. The resulting combination of thermocouple wire can generate a signal when an industrial temperature process changes. Common insulated wire categories for thermocouples include fiberglass, FEP (Teflon) PVC, multi-conductor cable, or specialized materials for extreme environments.

At Hi-Watt, we carry a variety of wiring terminals and high temperature connectors including miniature, space-saving connectors along with stranded or solid wires. A terminal is a type of electrical connector that is attached to the end of a wire or cable; they help establish a reliable heater connection in a thermal sensing system. Using terminals and connectors can also result in higher circuit resistance and/or a disconnect between branch circuit wiring and service cable wiring.

High-temperature tape provides permanent sealing of joints to insulate motor or power supply leads in high-temp environments like furnaces. Unlike conventional tape, high-temperature tape offers a holding bond that actually increases as heat is applied without ever melting, warping, or delaminating. When your bonding applications demand premium performance at high temperatures, Hi-Watt’s tape can maintain its properties under continuous exposure at up to 130 degrees Celsius/266 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hi-Watt carries mold cleaners, mold releases, and rust-preventative products. Mold sprays are primarily designed to prevent the bonding of materials, which can impact the quality of a final molded product. At Hi-Watt, we offer a wide variety of solvent-free mold release sprays that help prevent sticking and enable the speedy release of parts. We also offer rust prevention sprays, which displace moisture from metal surfaces, as well as mold cleaners that help remove tough resin deposits, grease, silicone, and contaminants.

Get mold thermocouple cables and power cables from Hi-Watt. Thermocouple cables receive a signal from the thermocouples in your hot runner system while power cables provide power to the mold heater elements. To ensure optimal performance, hot runner cables should be matched to the corresponding hot runner controller and mold.