High Temperature Wire & Cable

Intense environments require high temperature wire that is specially designed for industrial heating equipment and commercial products. Our quality wiring features the industrial grade materials that are required for standard or high temperature installations. We have high temp lead wire, which withstands the demands of heaters, heat treating furnaces, kilns, and commercial food service equipment.

Wire that’s graded for high-temperature use will perform in conditions up to 450°C (842°F). Technical specifications for industrial wire include: conductor material, jacket type, cable type, voltage, and maximum temperature. We stock high-temp type MG wire and standard Type TGGT wire featuring:

MG (Hi-Temp)

  • Stranded nickel-coated copper
  • Glass reinforced mica tape
  • Fiberglass braid jacket
  • 600 maximum volts
  • UL approval to 450°C/842°F

TGGT (Standard)

  • Stranded nickel-coated copper
  • Wrapped fiberglass yarn over Teflon insulation
  • Fiberglass braid jacket
  • 600 maximum volts
  • UL/CSA approval to 250°C/482°F

Also order thermocouple wire with exceptional insulating properties.

hi heat wire

High Temperature Cable: MG and TGGT

We have the internal wire and cabling solutions for demanding environments. Our high temperature cable is ready to perform in your equipment applications. Nickel-coated copper is a common conductor in both our standard and high intensity cable. Mica tape and fiberglass are frequent insulators with the addition of a fiberglass jacket that is specially made for high-temp exposure.

MG type, high-temp wire and cable works for the motor or furnace. Standard TGGT cable is often used for the internal wiring of drying equipment and ovens. Hi-Watt distributes cable and wire from trusted providers. Our selection meets a full range of applications and complies with UL standards. We also carry insulation materials for intense environments. Contact us to order the thermal accessories from top providers.



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