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Superior strength is found in high-temperature tape for mechanical and electrical applications. Glass cloth electrical tape is crafted for high-temperature resistance and resilience and for this reason it delivers premium performance.

This high-strength tape is rated for continuous exposure to specific maximum temperatures, as well as for short-term temperature exposures. For example, the industrial tape maintains its properties during continuous exposure at up to 130°C, and during short-term exposure at 160°C, which is Class B operating temperature.

What Is Glass Cloth Tape?

When an industrial application requires adhesive tape that can withstand high temperatures while maintaining excellent adhesion, glass cloth is the answer. Glass cloth is a high-temperature tape that is resistant to abrasion, flames, and chemical degradation. It also has insulating properties due to the glass fibers that are woven into the cloth backing.

What Is Glass Cloth Tape Used For?

Because glass cloth tape is good at permanently sealing joints exposed to high temps, it’s commonly used for aircraft, automobiles, and other high-temperature applications, including:

  • Electrical Systems: This tape provides reinforcing strength and thermal insulation within electrical systems that are exposed to high heat, heavy loads, and possible cable insulation deterioration
  • Insulation: Manufacturers use glass cloth to insulate motor lead connections, switches and controls for furnaces and ovens. Glass cloth is also used to insulate power supply leads to electric and induction-type furnaces.
  • Splice Wiring: High-temp glass cloth tape can be used to splice wire that is rated 266 degrees Fahrenheit/130 degrees Celsius.

How Glass Cloth Tape Works

This high-temperature tape uses a thermosetting rubber adhesive that cures after exposure to heat, moisture, and/or pressure. When the tape reaches the correct curing temperature, the strength of the adhesive bond increases, making the tape also resistant to solvents or radiation. The 3D structure of the thermoset adhesive results in a permanent bond that is resistant to melting.

Features of 3M High-Temperature Tape

The primary features of 3M high-temperature tape include:

High-Temperature Adhesive

The high-temperature thermoset adhesive is carried on the back of glass cloth, which ensures better mechanical protection and high tensile strength (the ability to stretch and be placed under tension without breaking). Its adhesive helps prevent cohesive failures caused by fractures within layers.

Class B Through H Ratings

These tapes are rated from Class B (130 degrees Celsius) to Class H (180 degrees Celsius) for high temperature resistance, which further ensures successful application in the field.
Additionally, the strong mechanical and thermal properties of this tape means assemblies last longer and equipment safety is improved.

glass cloth tape

High Temperature Tape Accessories

Gain heat stability by using high-temperature tape accessories designed for intense conditions. We stock tape with a range of insulating applications, including placement on oven or furnace lead connections.

Our electrical tapes are UL components. We have the ideal tape product for heavy heat environments. The one side of adhesive supports fast, direct applications. Contact Hi-Watt for information on 3M high temp glass cloth tape applications.

Benefits of High-Temperature Tape

The primary benefit of high-temperature adhesives is that the holding bond actually increases as heat is applied. This is in opposition to other tapes, where the adhesive can melt, the backing can warp or shrink, or the bonding layers can de-laminate as heat is applied.

In addition to holding a permanent bond, high-temperature tape is also thermally resistant, and its glass-cloth backing offers a higher degree of chemical resistance and increased strength.

Poor tape performance can contribute to failure in high-temperature environments. These failures are commonly caused by material deterioration and dimensional instability. This specially engineered adhesive tape is the best option for insulating and bonding electrical wiring and other joint connections that are in the presence of high temperatures.

Other benefits of using high-temperature tape with glass-cloth backing include:

  • Resistant to Tearing, Puncture, Warping, & Shrinkage
  • Excellent Dielectric Properties
  • Adheres to a Wide Range of Materials

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