High Temperature Tape

high temperature tape

Superior strength is found in high temperature tape for mechanical and electrical applications. Glass cloth electrical tape is crafted for high temperature resistance and resilience and for this reason it delivers premium performance.

This high strength tape is rated for continuous exposure to specific maximum temperatures, as well as for short-term temperature exposures. For example, the industrial tape maintains its properties during continuous exposure at up to 130°C, and during short-term exposure at 160°C, which is Class B operating temperature.

Glass Cloth Tape

Specially treated glass cloth tape resists corrosion as it protects. Woven glass cloth is made in a high tensile strength. It won’t shrink, burn or rot. In tape, it is used with a rubber, pressure-sensitive thermosetting adhesive.

Thermosetting creates the dependable bond in spaces where high ambient temperatures occur. Hi-Watt specializes in high heat products, including connectors and thermocouple wire.

Strength and Stability of 3M High Temperature Tape

Durable glass cloth is the foundation for our high heat tape that binds with long-term reliability. Consider thickness, tensile strength, elongation at break, and electrical strength in your choice of industrial grade, electrical tape products.

We stock tape for intense heat environments that represents reliable adhesive technology. It belongs by your side as you secure heat trace cable, insulate splices and support existing insulation in a system that demands mechanical strength.

glass cloth tape

High Temperature Tape Accessories

Gain heat stability by using high temperature tape accessories designed for intense conditions. We stock tape with a range of insulating applications, including placement on oven or furnace lead connections.

Our electrical tapes are UL components. We have the ideal tape product for heavy heat environments. The one side of adhesive supports fast, direct applications. Contact Hi-Watt for information on 3M high temp glass cloth tape applications.

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