Thermal Insulation Blanket

Harness heat with a quality removeable insulation blanket that benefits the industrial environment, making it safer, cooler and more energy efficient. Removeable thermal insulation blankets, jackets, and boards manage the amount of heat emitted by equipment.

We carry the proven Tempco, Monoco and Unitherm insulation brands. These products are specially designed to lower energy costs and protect employees from hot environments, as they reduce interior air temperatures.

thermal insulation blankets

Tempco Modular Thermal Insulation Blankets

removeable insulation blankets industrialOur popular Tempco line of modular thermal insulation blankets capture heat that is escaping from machinery during industrial processes. The blankets with ceramic fiber insulators are sized to fit between thermocouples.

Monoco Heat Insulation Materials

Industry leader, Monoco, produces an impressive line of electrical and heat insulation materials, including mold/press platen insulation and heat insulation boards. The company is well recognized for its low density to high density industrial insulation that support plastics and rubber processes.


The insulation innovator, UniTherm, specializes in removable and reusable insulation jackets for plastics equipment. The company also develops versatile pipe and valve insulation covers. From application-specific insulation to high temperature wire, Hi-Watt caters to demanding environments.

Removeable Insulation Blankets Industrial

Discover the best removeable insulation blankets industrial, materials and products. Call the experts at Hi-Watt for personalized service that’s second to none.

Insulation Blanket and Removable Jacket Materials

The insulation of industrial equipment can lead to energy conservation and savings. Insulation blanket materials and removable jackets keep more heat within machinery, minimizing its escape into the plant or facility.

The result? Cooler environments, better protected personnel, energy savings and quick payback potential. Industrial insulating materials are typically used in these applications:

  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion
  • Blown film and blow molding
  • Hoppers and driers
  • Hot oil lines
  • Manifolds
  • Melt pipe dies and adaptors


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