Electric Immersion Heater with Temperature Control

The flanged immersion heater is a primary type of electric heater used for higher kilowatt applications. It effectively heats liquids and gases inside of tanks and pressure vessels. Flanged heaters, including those in boilers, are rated for 2000 kilowatts or more.

Commonly used flanged heaters often heat water and oil. Depending upon the application, models vary by kilowatt rating, terminal type and sheaths. Precise temperature controls and monitoring features are available.

screw plug immersion heaters

Screw Plug Immersion Heater

  • These heaters are ideal for direct immersion heating of liquids, including all types of oils and heat transfer solutions.
flanged immersion heater

Flanged Immersion Heater

  • These heaters have a simple installation process and are not difficult to maintain. Their design makes them ideal for heating gases and liquids in tanks and assorted pressure vessels, they are excellent for applications requiring higher kilowatts.
over the side immersion heater

Over the Side Immersion Heater

  • These heaters are ideal for applications such as heating water, heating oils, solvents, salts and acids. The versatile applications of Over-the-side heaters are enhanced with various optional sheath materials, specific kilowatt ratings, terminal enclosures and varying mounting methods specific to your needs.

Heaters for Water Applications

These types of heaters may be referred to as through-the-side or over-the-side models. These heaters are often designed for over-the-side use. They also heat oils, solvents, and acids evenly and effectively.

Over-the-side replacements are easily done since there is no tank penetration during installation. Hi-Watt has superior heaters for water applications with the best sheath and heating element construction. Find desired kilowatt ratings, terminal enclosures and mounting methods today.

Benefits of Immersion Heaters

Heating a liquid by applying a flame or electric burner to its container is generally inefficient and inconsistent. These heaters are submerged in gases or liquids, contacting the target substance directly. Some of the many advantages of immersion heating devices include:

  • Rapid heat transfer to the target solution
  • Safe, non-combustible operation
  • Efficient heating through convection and conduction
  • Easy powering off and on
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Easy addition of thermostatic sensors and controls

Whether you are looking for ease of installation, higher kilowatt capacity or economic options, Hi-Watt offers a versatile range of heater designs and configurations. Our screw plug, flanged and over-the-side styles have you covered for any size, watt density, input power or connection style your specifications require.

Our Full-Service Commitment

Superior-quality heaters for immersion are our expertise, but our products are just a portion of what we can offer our customers. Forging a lasting partnership with you is the heart of our work. When your business runs smoothly and you are prospering, we know we’ve succeeded.

If you experience downtime due to equipment failure, your hard-earned profit begins to vaporize right away. Every product we sell comes with US -based technical support. We process urgent customer requests daily and proudly provide first-rate service with fast turnaround times. Our field team is able to dispatch in 24 hours or less if you need on-site help getting back up to speed.

Our skilled technicians and engineers are eager to work with you to find the best combination of electric heaters for your applications. If it’s time for you to upgrade or you need a replacement part, our customer service staff is eager to answer your questions or make recommendations.

Time for an expansion? Our designers and managers are always happy to work with you on-site to evaluate your current system and help you formulate a plan for expansion that matches your vision.

Quality from the Start

Whether your company’s expertise lies in chemical processing, alternative energy or research and development, Hi-Watt doesn’t compromise where quality is concerned. We have established working relationships with an exceptional group of industrial thermal product manufacturers who share our commitment to superior products and services.

When you come to us for state-of-the-art industrial heaters, we start working for you immediately to manifest your vision for your product’s style, brand, design and cost-efficiency. It’s part of our job to protect your investment as fiercely as we protect our own.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations and help you with all of your industrial heating and temperature control needs.