Intelligent industrial temperature sensors will put the latest in radiometric technology in your hands. Integrate it into your thermal imaging system for comprehensive measurement and recording capabilities. Our performance devices offer non-contact infrared temperature sensing and reliable temperature monitoring.

To select the best thermal imaging camera, assess a product’s temperature range, application relevance and ability to measure electromagnetic radiation. Our advanced imaging cameras monitor and control industrial processes continually.

These compact cameras act as thermal imaging sensors. They measure infrared temperatures (thousands of points), monitor line profiles and capture fast action in real-time. The radiometric devices meet the requirements of an expansive list of industrial/commercial enterprises, including: metal, textiles, plastics, furnace, R&D, wood and bulk solids.

Advanced IR Temperature Sensing Camera

We offer solutions to the challenges of controlling industry or R&D processes effectively with IR temperature sensors. Take a look at the remarkable technology from Process Sensors. This company makes lightweight, portable imagers that give users an edge with their IR temperature sensing capabilities and all-around functionality.

Through the latest IR technology, radiometric cameras cater to users with high-resolution displays and ergonomic designs. One camera can take measurements, trigger an alarm, generate output, capture images and send data to the network. Thermal images are easily analyzed and detectors deliver the ultimate sensitivity.

Thermal Imaging Sensor Technology

Our professional line of thermal imaging sensors are ideal for service in the field. Their advanced features make them the imaging tools of choice for audits and inspections in the electrical, mechanical, energy, HVAC and PCB industries.

Sensing cameras for thermal imaging come in various sizes, temperature ranges, thermal sensitivities and spectral ranges to satisfy specialized requirements. Contact Hi-Watt for the top models of process sensors today.