For demanding applications, a single loop temperature controller will offer an integrated design for optimal efficiency. We distribute panel mount controllers from industry experts with an array of features.

It reduces the complexity of solving challenging control issues within a system. Our selection of single loop controllers includes programmable instruments with precise temperature and process management. This elite level of control operates in harmony with a full menu of features. We offer temperature controllers that provide the most commonly utilized communication protocols. When a process or machine requires a single control loop, we deliver instruments with proven performance.

Find your preferred PID controller, over/under limit controller, or module with integrated functions. Discover the operating ranges and agency approvals you require in our single loop product lines.

Watlow PM Legacy

The industry-leading Watlow® LEGACY panel mount PID controller is your key to achieving maximum performance. With its simple control and menu functionality, this versatile controller is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications and usage levels. It includes one universal input and can be configured with up to two outputs, and is available in both 1/16 DIN and 1/32 DIN packages.

Watlow PM Plus

The Watlow PM PLUS controller is a new and improved version of the EZ-ZONE PM limit controller. It has several new features, including Bluetooth capabilities and a simpler user experience. It is backward compatible with legacy Watlow EZ-ZONE PM controllers.

Eurotherm 3200 Series Controllers

The 3200 series controller offers unparalleled precision and advanced features to take control of your process. Unlike other controllers, it’s designed to be simple and user-friendly. With the ‘QuickStart’ code, you can easily configure all essential functions for controlling your process, including input sensor type, measurement range, control options, and alarms. In operator mode, every parameter includes a scrolling text message describing its function in multiple languages.

Gefran Controller

Gefran’s PID temperature controllers utilize a feedback system to regulate variables, activating the heating element to reach the target temperature while continuously adjusting the temperature to prevent overheating and ultimately reducing cumulative error to zero. With a range of temperature controllers available, each made with the highest levels of quality control, Gefran offers varying capabilities to suit your needs.