We have terminals and connectors featuring the strength and corrosion resistance of nickel plated steel. Our high temperature connectors can withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 650°F. We offer high temperature capabilities in our terminal forks, terminal rings and butt splice connectors. These electrical accessories can establish reliable thermocouple wire connections or perform wire splicing. A terminal fork or ring will connect your heater hookup wire to a band heater post. We supply ring and fork terminations in your choice of desired gauge ranges: 10-12,14-16, and 18-22.

Wiring Terminals and Connectors

Choose the right wiring terminals and connectors constructed from high quality materials to support installation ease. Our butt splice connectors are used to splice heater wire to heater hookup wire. We also stock the color-coded wire connectors that can be used to connect a process sensor to a controller or panel. Sturdy thermocouple connectors are available for stranded or solid wires and in a variety of configurations. Miniature connectors are space savers in the thermal sensing system.

wiring terminals and connectors

Terminal and Connector Accessories

When setting up your thermal sensors, terminal and connector accessories are essential components. We offer wire termination accessories for reliable termination solutions. You can rely on products that resist corrosive elements. The gauge specification lets you know the current that the accessory can safely carry. With American Wire Gauge (AWG) standards, increasing gauge numbers equate to decreasing wire diameters. Find the best ring and fork style terminals for intense thermal environments at Hi-Watt today.