Thermocouple Wire

We stock the most reliable thermocouple wire and cable for optimal performance of thermocouple sensors in an array of configurations. Made to stringent material standards, our thermocouple-grade wire offers the top choices in alloy wire type, size, protection and insulation.

thermocouple wire is a duplex wire, meaning two insulated wires of different materials are in one sheath. Each ANSI thermocouple type is comprised of a specific wire pairing that generates signals.

For example, Type J cable combines iron and constantan wires. Other commonly deployed wiring is identified as E, K, and T. Duplex insulation is color coded according to ANSI MC 96.1-1982.

Choose the insulation materials that deliver industrial features – from high-temperature capability to optimal noise rejection. Materials are dictated by the thermocouple type. The K type Thermocouple and J type Thermocouple type are the most popularly used types. Durable fiberglass is used in general and high-temperature applications. Economical PVC-insulated wire offers flexibility and affordability. Our most popular insulated wiring categories include:

  • Fiberglass: Features braided fiberglass insulation for intense heat protection, with maximum temperature of 900°F and a stainless steel over-braid option.
  • FEP (Teflon): Insulation for up to 400°F max temperature. Moisture resistance available.
  • PVC: Polymer insulation for up to 220°F.
  • Multi-conductor cable
  • Specialized

Our wiring insulation materials include fiberglass, FEP and PVC. Braided fiberglass exterior insulation serves as a high-intensity heat shield in a range of applications. Our fiberglass thermocouple-grade wire withstands temperatures up to 900°F.

Order it in Type J and K, with color coding for fast identifications. We make it easier to utilize stock wiring to fabricate assemblies or connect an assembly to devices, such as a temperature controller. Quickly coordinate your sensing device type to wire type. Examples of our 20-gauge wire, J and K wire include:

Order our best wiring with fiberglass, Teflon or PVC insulation. When it comes to thermal system accessories, Hi-Watt has it all! Contact us to learn about the additional wire types we have ready for your installations.

Field-Proven Thermocouple Extension Wire

When measuring or controlling hot or cold processes and environments, the temperature is essential for many industries and products. Plus, due to stringent environmental demands, the use of temperature sensing-processes and temperature-measuring equipment has increased.

That’s why Hi-Watt offers field-proven thermocouple extension wire that has been diligently tested for excellence. With our J- and K-type wire, you’ll always get uniform results without signal degradation.

Additionally, our extension-grade wire features quality PVC insulation that has been proven sufficient to extend a thermocouple signal from the temperature probe back to the instrument readout.
Read on to learn more about our J- and K-type thermocouple extension wire.

Wire Accessories

In addition to our extensive wiring options, we carry wire accessories that support a full scope of installations. Hi-Watt can ensure you have the styles of connectors and miniature connectors you need. Our wire and extension wire comes in a range of lengths.

We also have thermal instrument accessories, such as protection tubes and thermowells.

Extension Wire Connects to Controllers

We want to be your premier distributor of thermocouples and extension wire. The commercial wiring that connects to a controller or a recording device is referred to as extension wire. It’s identified with an X after the ANSI designation.

We sell coordinating wire for specific types of devices. We offer an incredible selection of stock extension wire to meet your specialized requirements, including Watlow Thermocouple Extension Wire. Contact the Hi-Watt pros to receive the most reliable products for industrial or electronic applications. Our temperature sensor wires with color coding support fast identifications.

What Is J-Type Thermocouple Wire?

J-type thermocouple wire is a popular choice for industrial temperature-sensing applications and when replacing existing “J” thermocouples. The operation and accuracy of a J-type thermocouple wire is comparable to type K thermocouple wire, except it is constructed from iron (which can rust if exposed to moisture) and constantan.

Depending on the wire gauge size, J-type thermocouple wire can sense a temperature range from 0 to 750 degrees Celsius. Due to the presence of iron, type J thermocouple wire is best used to monitor temperatures in vacuum applications. J-type wire is not recommended for use in damp conditions or for low-temperature monitoring.

Identifying J-Type Thermocouple Wire

Wire colors are used to identify J-type and other thermocouple wires. These color schemes have been adopted as both national and international standards to correctly identify thermocouple products.

The thermocouple wire colors of J-type thermocouples according to United States ANSI 96.1 are (+) white insulation and (–) red insulation. UK standard BS 1843 assigns (+) yellow and (–) blue as J-type thermocouple wire colors.

What Is K-Type Thermocouple Wire?

Today, type K thermocouple wire is mostly commonly used for industrial purposes. Type K wire is constructed of chromel and alumel wire. K-type wire typically has a wider temperature range and is resistant to corrosion in wet applications.

This type of wire is not only reliable, accurate, and modestly priced, but also great for food and beverage process applications because it doesn’t rust or oxidize.

Again, depending on the wire gauge size, type K thermocouple wire can operate at a maximum temperature of 1,100 degrees Celsius (2,012 degrees Fahrenheit).

Identifying K-Type Thermocouple Wire

Hi-Watt has been a leading distributor of both K- and J-type thermocouple wire since 1979. We provide wire based on your material specifications and choice of insulation materials (fiberglass, FEP/Teflon, or PVC).

If you’re not sure what type of wire is best for your application, don’t hesitate to contact us. Request a quote or call (877) 489-0852 to learn more about what we have in stock today.