Our top-quality selection of electric coil heaters and duct heaters includes those constructed for superior efficiency and safety. Construction often features tubular heating elements mounted to a thick steel flange. This design supports total energy efficiency and installation ease.

The sturdy tubular heating element comes with a sheathed resistance coil that is shielded from corrosion. Our leading brands of duct heaters can be easily integrated into existing or new air heating systems that are non-pressurized. Engineered for optimal heat transfer, they can be installed into current ducts. The right air duct heater will increase the temperature of a forced-air system, according to its low to high-temperature specifications.

We have the top electric coil heaters and air heaters that work for zone heating, large space heating, reheating, and an array of critical tasks. We supply durable heaters engineered for duct installation that require less maintenance.

Duct Heaters for Comfort Heating

Let Hi-Watt supply a custom or stock electric duct heater which supports proper airflow of the comfort heating system. We have heating products with tubular and finned strip heating elements which offer distinct advantages over gas or open coil designs, in terms of performance and safety.

Electrical coil heaters also play an integral role in process heating applications for industry, working with equipment that utilizes forced air circulation. The best materials can satisfy the demands of forced air and natural convection heating applications. This is evident in the design of the finned strip or tubular heater that incorporates rugged steel.

Watlow Duct Heater Spec Sheet

Watlow Duct Heaters specs
Watlow Duct Heater