Strip Heaters

strip heaterOur comprehensive category of strip heaters meets a wide array of commercial and industrial needs, including surface and convection air heating applications. Clamp-on strip heaters are a versatile solution for a number of processes. They can be clamped to a solid surface for freeze and moisture protection, food warming and other reliable service.

Heaters from leading manufacturers, such as Watlow, deliver the benefits of advanced construction techniques. They offer high-temperature, high-watt density capabilities, with sheaths made from corrosion resistant materials. Industrial heaters from Hi-Watt will be manufactured to deliver lengthy service in demanding environments. Our top heaters include: channel, mineral insulated and mica insulated strip heaters for efficient air or surface heating.

Mica Strip Heaters

  • These heaters feature a high temperature oxidation metal sheath and high grade mica insulation resistant to moisture and high temperatures. Nickel/Chromium resistance wire evenly wound provides for uniform and reliable heat distribution. These heaters also are versatile because they come in many shapes, sizes and termination options which channel heaters do not. Also mica heaters can be manufactured with holes in them to fit your needs. The temp that these heaters can withstand is up to 900F.

Mineral Insulated Strip Heaters

    Mineral Insulated heater
  • The MI heater is a thin, responsive heater that uses the most advanced heater construction techniques. A nickel-chromium element wire is embedded in it. Mineral insulated heaters are medium heat heater and are the same as mica strip heaters. These heaters can withstand temperature reaching 1400F.

Channel Strip Heaters

  • Channel Heaters consist of a helically wound resistance coil evenly strung through specially designed ceramic insulators. These heaters can get extremely hot; however, they come in one width and one shape. The channel heater can withstand 1100F and is still extremely durable.
channel strip

Heater Element for Maximum Heat Transfer

Each strip heater model will have its own maximum sheath temperature, watt density and voltage specifications. Hi-Watt offers units with the strip heater elements reliably housed for maximum transmission.

Mica, mineral, ceramic and other industrial grade insulators manage heat losses. Plus, a variety of top quality sheath materials are used. Our channel strip heaters feature a resistance coil that’s evenly wound through ceramic insulators. Our mica heaters also have evenly wound wire for uniform heating. A mineral insulated (MI) heater is another versatile option with its thin size and advanced construction.

Industrial Heaters Deliver Fast Results

You can transmit heat to a flat area fast by installing industrial heaters that provide uniform heat transfer. Our finned heaters are the models you need for air transmissions. Industrial heater applications range from surface heating of molds to process air heating for ovens. We’ll deliver top technology in your heater. Choose from low-mass designs, fast heat-ups, and clamp or bolted installation. Then, rely on our Hi-Watt technical expertise.

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