Watlow heaters

As leading Watlow distributors, Hi-Watt carries a wide variety of Watlow heaters, Watlow controllers, temperature sensors, and more. Our expert staff can help you choose the Watlow industrial electric heaters and temperature controllers particular to your specific application.

The History of Watlow

Since 1922, Watlow has been manufacturing electric heating elements. Now a global company, Watlow has offices in 16 countries and holds over 450 patents. This global leader produces precision industrial heaters, controllers, temperature sensors, and innovative software to keep your heater working at peak efficiency. Watlow continues to lead the way in heating elements for medical, defense, chemical processing, industrial manufacturing, and other industries.

Types of Watlow Heaters

Watlow produces an incredible variety of heating products, so it can be difficult to find the best option for your needs. Our team at Hi-Watt can assist you in ordering the exact heater or replacement part for your specific operation. Here are some of the most common Watlow heating options:

  • Band heaters
  • Air heaters
  • Flexible heaters
  • cartridge heaters and rod heaters
  • immersion heaters
  • High-temperature heaters
  • Nozzle heaters

Heaters are divided into categories based on the heating element, control system and temperature ranges. Some heating elements, like immersion heaters, are designed to thoroughly and quickly heat up liquid. These heaters need to have a durable exterior that’s corrosion-resistant and capable of reaching optimal temperatures.

Watlow Distributors

Finding the exact category of heater that fits your industrial needs can be difficult and finding the right part or heater can be time-consuming without a talented team who understands the entire product line of this leading industrial heating company.

Whether you use a single immersion heater or have an entire line of flexible, high-temperature, and other heater options, it’s essential to find a reliable service provider for your heating needs. Work with our technical support services and guides to determine not only the correct heater for your equipment but also the correct installation, basic maintenance steps and also learn to recognize signs of issues that may indicate a repair is necessary.

watlow immersion heaters

Immersion Heaters

Fully submerge Watlow immersion heaters into oil, water, molten materials, solvents or process solutions. Instead of transferring heat through air, these heaters create a 100% energy-efficient system through direct immersion. They can also be used in surface and radiant heating situations.

Consider the sheathing material, connection point and temperature capabilities as you compare immersion heaters such as:

  • Screw Plug Heaters
  • Flange Heaters With or Without Baffles
  • FIREROD Immersion Heaters
  • Plate Flange Immersion Heaters

Air Heaters

Air heaters are a versatile option for preventing condensation and freezing. These are typically used to prevent condensation in mechanical housing or used in forced air applications. Nozzle heaters offer a precise fit on cylindrical parts.

From low to medium temperature applications, air heaters offer reliable, energy-efficient heating. Types of Watlow air heaters include:

  • FLUENT® In-Line Heater: This iconic range of in-line heaters uses a patented thermal spray technology and high watt density. These innovations achieve excellent thermal control and temperature levels with less system complexity than a traditional immersion heater.
  • Silicone Rubber Enclosure Heaters: Condensation and freezing temperatures can negatively affect other air heating systems. This heater uses wire-wound silicone rubber and can be mounted in high-moisture and low-temperature areas for dependable heat application.
  • 375 Finned Strip Heaters: 2-inch aluminized steel fins offer increased surface area for rapid heat transfer from these efficient units. Enjoy uniform temperatures and a wide range of available heater lengths.
  • FINBAR™ Single-Ended Heaters: Watlow manufactures innovative tubular heaters for efficient transfer of heat in tight spaces. This line is often used in forced air units, load bank resistors, ovens and dryers.
  • LDH Series and D Series Duct Heaters: Create a modular duct heating system for improved reliability and customization of your air heating process. Choose one or more of these duct heaters as an energy-efficient alternative to oil or gas-fired units.
  • WATROD™ Enclosure Heaters: A perforated aluminized-steel bracket protects the stainless steel sheath and heating coil in a WATROD heater. This durable design also resists freezing and issues from condensation.

Cartridge and Insertion Heaters

Many industrial processes require heating elements to be directly inserted into a process liquid. This subjects the unit to risks of corrosion, oxidation and moisture-related issues. Watlow cartridge and insertion heaters offer manufacturing controls to provide efficient transfer of heat at consistent temperatures.

Innovative FIREROD® heating technology uses magnesium oxide insulation, alloy 800 sheathing, and minimal wire and sheath spacing. The result is a refined product that has high dielectric strength and can work reliably in a range of atmospheres. Some of the cartridge and insertion heaters we offer include:

  • MULTICELL™ Insertion Heaters
  • FIREROD Cartridge Heaters: Available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 5/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch sizes, as well as high-temperature and metric options.

Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters have the capability to heat liquids or air with up to 240 volts of power. A tubular sheath protects the heating coil from corrosion and contact with liquids when used in an immersion system.

Choose between single- and double-ended designs, along with a wide range of termination and mounting options, to personalize your tubular heating product. Here are the common types of Watlow tubular heater available:

  • High-Temperature Tubular Heaters
  • MULTICOIL™ Heaters
  • Milled Groove Tubular Heaters
  • FIREBAR® Single/Double-Ended Heaters
  • WATROD Tubular Heaters
  • FINBAR Single-Ended Heaters

Flexible Heaters

These heaters use bendable shapes and thin materials to heat pipes or irregularly shaped objects. Lay it flat to warm up sheet metal components or wrap it around a cylindrical component to prevent freezing or condensation. Compared to thicker heaters, these thin designs have the benefit of rapid cool-down and heat-up rates.

Instead of ordering a custom-built heater to fit your tube or other product, consider the following Watlow flexible solutions for your facility:

  • Polyimide Heaters
  • Silicone Rubber Heaters
  • Pump and Gas Line Heating Systems

Industrial Circulation Heaters

Heat gases and fluids with space-saving industrial circulation heaters. These durable units are excellent alternatives to natural gas or propane alternatives. Choose a product that heats up inert and purified gases, deionized water or supercritical fluids.

Compared to other heater types, circulation heaters offer high heat and efficiency levels in gas and liquid heating applications. They’re commonly used in electronics and semiconductor industries but can be fitted to diverse situations in other industries.

Consider a circulation heater with minimal maintenance and industry-leading temperature control. Compare these products to find the right unit for your facility:

  • Flange Heaters With or Without Baffles
  • FLUENT In-Line Heater
  • Screw Plug Heaters
  • HELIMAX™ Ultra-Efficient Electric Heat Exchang
  • OPTIMAX® Heat Exchanger
  • STARFLOW™ Circulation Heaters
  • HYDROSAFE® Heat Exchanger

Strip Heaters

Three high temp strip heaters

Secure a strip or clamp-on heater to a solid surface for cost-effective and energy-efficient heat transfer. Strip heaters are an excellent option for protection in environments where excessive moisture or freezing temperatures can present issues. These durable heaters are popular for food warming situations but can be used to heat a range of surfaces.

Consider the optimal material for your heating application. Some products offer corrosion resistance, while others are better suited for high heat situations.

  • Mineral Insulated Strip Heaters
  • 375 High-Temperature Strip Heaters
  • Thick Film Conduction Heaters
  • FIREBAR Clamp-On Heaters

Radiant Heaters

With many affordable options and durable designs radiant heating offers non-contact methods of heat transfer. These units are self-supporting, lightweight and often employ ceramic panels or fibers for high-temperature applications. Use them in situations that require low thermal mass. Tubular elements are more durable for areas where they may be damaged. Consider a contamination-resistant panel heater to reduce the risk of contaminating your process.

Before choosing a radiant heater you will want to make sure to consider voltage requirements of the particular unit to insure you have the optimal solution and also to avoid any surprises. Some radiant heaters by Watlow we carry include:

  • RAYMAX® 1220 and 2030 Panel Heaters
  • Ceramic Fiber Heaters

Mineral Insulated Band Heaters

mineral insulated band heater

Mineral insulated band heaters use specially formulated insulation to improve conductivity. These heaters offer low mass construction and rapid temperature response.

Clamp bars are included as a convenient alternative to clamping straps or other installation setups. Stainless steel covers and side fold design prevent contamination when utilizing these heaters in free-flowing material situations.

The maximum operating temperature of these heaters is 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, with a maximum watt density of 100 watts per square inch. Higher watt density options are available, allowing you to avoid thermal lag and enjoy increased productivity.

Nozzle Heaters

pre-coiled cable heater

Most commonly used in the plastics, analytical or medical industries, Watlow nozzle heaters offer innovative solutions for industry-specific situations. Dependable temperature performance and consistency ensures the liquid, gas or other material is ready for use in your facility.

While the basic design remains similar, these products offer a wide range of temperature, watt density and installation specifications.

  • Pre-Coiled Cable Nozzle Heaters
  • Mineral Insulated Nozzle Heaters

Industries Served

There are many industries that use industrial heaters for daily processes. Here are just a few examples of industries that may need a replacement heater or component from Watlow:

Power Generation

Stay ahead of the industry in power generation thermal solutions with Watlow heaters. As the industry continues to choose clean, alternative energy sources, update your heating products to use clean electricity as an alternative to fuel and oil. At Hi-Watt, we’re also your authorized distributor of Watlow power, temperature and process controllers.

If you’re looking for power generation solutions for your industrial facility, find out how turning to biomass, solar, wind and other alternative sources of electricity can improve your operations. Many local utility companies and other programs offer incentives to encourage clean electricity as an alternative to fossil fuels. Turning to electric heating products and alternative generation methods can reduce your emissions and improve your productivity.


From restaurant fryers to costly boiler systems, the foodservice industry has many opportunities for improved industrial heaters and control products. Electric Watlow heaters are an ideal alternative to costly boilers during manufacturing processes. At the restaurant level, a tubular or immersion heater provides an energy-efficient way to heat up fry oil.


Thanks to the dynamic exhaust system solutions, Watlow heaters help improve the emissions levels of your diesel fleet. An ECO-HEAT system from Watlow allows diesel engines and generators to raise their exhaust gas temperature to optimal levels.

Order Watlow sensors for clear, consistent readings of air, coolant, oil and other liquids in your transportation fleet. These dependable sensors offer flexible installation, accurate readings and intuitive readings through Watlow controllers.

Clinical Equipment

Diagnostic equipment relies on exceptional thermal controls and precision performance. Your clinical diagnostic equipment needs the latest in ceramic heaters, in-line heaters and multi-function controllers. Repeatable and verifiable temperature sensor accuracy from Watlow sensors allows you to use clinical equipment to meet the needs of your patients. Discuss your heating, measuring and controlling needs and let us help you find the optimal package of Watlow heating technology.

Hi-Watt Industrial Electric Heaters

As leading Watlow distributors in Michigan, Hi-Watt works with a range of local industrial manufacturers, defense companies and processing plants to provide the latest heating products at affordable rates. We offer all types of industrial heaters and work with you to find the perfect option for your process.

Choose a leading distributor of industrial electric heaters for your Watlow products and other heating devices. At Hi-Watt, we pride ourselves in meeting customer timelines and processing emergency requests rapidly.

Contact us today to learn more about your Watlow heating options and find the exact model of heater or replacement component you need to keep moving forward in your industry.