Solid State Power Controller

ssr power controller

A responsive solid state power controller is a vital tool for power management. Watlow has a series of solid state relay controllers that deliver ultra compact solutions for heat control. The SSR and CZR model Watlow controllers offer simple and quick installation options.

It comes in an environmentally friendly configuration that’s free of mercury. The SSR control results in faster switching designed for longer life and less energy usage for your industrial heaters. Agency approvals ensure it meets certification requirements.

We have the controllers that deliver solid state power as they make economic sense. They’re available for reliable duty in diverse electrical environments. Be sure to see our SSR power controllers, Watlow single loop controllers and multi loop controllers.

SSR Controller Performance

An SSR controller is chosen for specific applications, from packaging equipment to ovens. When a controller detects a discrepancy between actual temperature and setpoint, the SSR initiates a response.

A solid state power switching device can also coordinate with PID temperature controllers. This interaction contributes to optimum performance in SSR temperature control. The GFX4-IR four-loop controller from Gefran is another standout at electrical power management. This model unites the technology of a solid state relay and controller with current transformers, in one package.



ssr controller

Watlow solid state relays (SSR) offer many of the advantages of solid state power controllers, but at a lower cost. Watlow’s extensive knowledge in power controller design led to the development of a special fast cycle input card that enables a solid state relay to operate from a standard 4-20mA instrumentation command signal.

  • Watlow SSR Spec Sheet

CZR Series:

The SERIES CZR solid state relay provides a low-cost, highly-compact and versatile solid state option for controlling electric heat. With DIN-rail and back panel mounting standard on every controller, the CZR solid state relay allows for simple and quick installation.

  • CZR series Spec Sheet

SSR Temperature Controller Capabilities

Solid state relays can control power circuits while working in combination with a temperature controller. An SSR temperature controller has the ability to electronically turn power off or on to separate devices. In addition to temperature controller compatibility, SSR controllers often feature extensive cycle potential. A controller system can also skillfully integrate PID temperature controllers with solid state relays, transformers, serial communication and other elements. Browse our SSR options now for the ultimate versatility in power control.

Solid State Power Controllers

In addition to being leading Watlow distributors and Chromalox distributors we carry many solid state power controllers. Contact us today to find out more about Watlow heaters, Chromalox heaters, and Watlow temperature controllers, including the Watlow PM PLUS, Watlow F4 controller, and more.