Hi-Watt is proud to be a trusted regional supplier of Watlow flanged immersion heaters. All immersion heaters we carry are explosion-proof, non-hazardous, ANSI or ANSI compatible, and thoroughly tested and inspected for quality assurance.

Features & Benefits

flanged immersion heater
  • ANSI & ANSI compatible
  • Integral thermowells
  • Standard, general-purpose terminal enclosure
  • Drilled and tapped eye bolts or lift lugs for eye bolts on 10” and larger flanged heaters
  • WATROD hairpins are repressed/recompacted
  • Element support(s)
  • Provides appropriate heater-to-size application and fit
  • Provides convenient temperature sensor insertion and replacement with no draining required
  • Trouble-free access to wiring
  • Ensures leak-free element-to-flange pressure seals
  • Facilitates lifting during the installation process
  • Improved heater lifespan, insulation resistance, and heat transfer capabilities
  • Provides proper element spacing to maximize heater performance and life


Sheath MaterialMaximum Opening TemperaturesMaximum Watt Densities
Alloy 800160087010015.5
Alloy 840160087010015.5
Passivated 316 Stainless Steel120065010015.5
304 Stainless Steel120065010015.5

MAXIMUM Specifications

  • Flange: Standard Round Tubular 10” ANSI or 6” ANSI FIREBAR
  • Wattages: Up to 3 Megawatts
  • Certifications: UL® & CSA Component Recognition to 600VAC

FIREBAR flange heaters can deliver more kilowatts in smaller bundles.

Common Uses & Applications

Flanged immersion heaters are ideal for any application that requires direct heating of chemicals, petroleum-based mediums, water-based mediums, and gasses.

  • Water: Immersion heaters provide freeze protection or can be used for hot water storage in boilers, steam boilers, and water heaters. They can also be used for cooling towers with demineralized or deionized water.
  • Oil: Flanged heaters can help maintain the proper viscosity of light and medium oils and heavy or stagnant oils.
  • Hazardous Chemicals: Flanged heaters provide the specific temperature range needed to keep mild and severely corrosive chemicals viable and safe.
  • Gasses: Flanged heaters can help keep stored gasses at a desired pressure.
  • Additional Materials & Liquids: Flanged immersion heaters can heat soap, detergent solutions, and food equipment.

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