PID temperature controller

Experience best-in-class performance with a process, power or PID temperature controller that adds efficiency and reliability to a system. We distribute the latest in controller technology, including:

  • PID Temperature Controllers
  • Process Controllers
  • Power Switching Devices and Controls
  • Limit Controllers

Our Watlow controllers and Gefran and Eurotherm controllers offer an incredible range of options and features. These manufacturers’ industrial process and temperature controllers come with multi-functionality and versatility. They offer the convenience of temperature, process and equipment control in one package.

Modular power controllers come with user-friendly microprocessor management. The multi-loop and single loop controllers feature advanced functionality. A PID type controller is a proportional-integral-derivative device. As a control loop feedback device, it calculates error values within the system and makes processing adjustments to minimize errors.

PID temperature controllers are available in a range of controller models. When buying a quality PID controller, specifications should be complementary to applications in terms of input type, control functions and output signals.

Process Controls for Industrial Applications

We distribute specialized controllers for a wide variety of industrial heaters with comprehensive capabilities. In one device, users gain temperature control with management of multiple process variables. This convenient sensing solution supports industrial, commercial and scientific demands.

By using a controller that provides multiple forms of sensor information, feedback is available on key variables, including temperature, flow rate, pressure and relative humidity. This type of industrial temperature/process controller makes automatic adjustments according to sensor readings.