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For demanding applications, a single loop temperature controller will offer an integrated design for optimal efficiency. We distribute panel mount controllers from industry experts with an array of features.

Watlow’s popular line of controllers includes PID temperature controllers that are simple to use. This type of over/under limit controller requires minimal space. A single loop controller can be installed quickly, as you experience implementation ease. The single-loop instrument will monitor current flow and activate an alarm indicator in the event of heater load failure.

It reduces the complexity of solving challenging control issues within a system. Our selection of single loop controllers includes programmable instruments with precise temperature and process management. This elite level of control operates in harmony with a full menu of features. We offer temperature controllers that provide the most commonly utilized communication protocols. When a process or machine requires a single control loop, we deliver instruments with proven performance.

Find your preferred PID controller, over/under limit controller, or module with integrated functions. Discover the operating ranges and agency approvals you require in our single loop product lines.

Benefits of Single Loop Temperature Controllers

A single loop temperature controller only requires a discrete digital signal to trigger an on/off state that can be sent to the machine or process programmable logic controller (PLC). These controls are great for individuals seeking a simple and cost-effective way to enhance precision control of a single temperature variable.

Single loop temperature controllers do not adjust or regulate the process, but they can act as safety devices to signal when equipment is overheating or a temperature process control variable is out of setpoint range. Typically, these types of temperature control devices are front panel-mounted for easy visibility of process information and alarm messaging. A single loop temperature controller can also be used in a wide range of settings, including food service, plastics manufacturing, and packaging.

In many industrial applications, a single loop temperature controller is part of a cascading control system where power, temperature, and other sensing devices operate harmoniously to cycle a process through a range of temperatures. Since a discrete temperature controller has a single dedicated algorithm versus proportional-integral-derivative (PID) programming, these devices have faster loop update times and perform more consistently in the field.

Difference Between Single Loop & Multi-Loop Temperature Controllers

Like most discrete microprocessor devices, a single loop temperature controller is a more economical choice for singular on/off operations. This controller can be easily accessed from the front panel; all configuration and troubleshooting is done through the controller’s display and keypad. 

Unlike single loops, a multi-loop temperature controller stabilizes the temperature in multiple zones and the device is typically mounted behind the control panel and requires access to a network or PLC program. Changing the settings and original configuration of a multi-loop temperature controller must be done on a PC to access the product’s proprietary software. A single loop controller is easily specified and purchased from a manufacturer’s catalog, and they are capable of controlling small processes, equipment, and machines. When a process or a machine requires the control of two or more interactive variables, including temperature, level, and pressure, a multi-loop controller is the best option, as they can reduce panel space and wiring.

Watlow Single Loop Controllers

A Watlow single loop temperature controller is an industry preferred product that offers an easy and dependable solution for loop feedback control of temperature. The Watlow EZ-ZONE® controllers perform well in both discrete and PID-controlled processes to detect over or under limit temperatures.

Designed for simplicity, this line of temperature controllers offers both low operating costs and low installation costs. Panel builders will appreciate its fast wiring time and ease of termination, which also makes field troubleshooting more efficient. The microprocessor-based technology in Watlow single loop temperature controllers can be configured to communicate over a wide range of protocols, including Standard Bus, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet,™ Profibus DP, Modbus® TCP,  and Modbus® RTU. They can also drive high amperage power control output up to 15 amperes of resistive loads. With 2 monitor channels and 4 alarms to indicate a failed output device, this controller can be reset remotely when digital inputs are specified. This is a lot of functionality in a device that is only 2.1 inches (53.34 millimeters) x 4 inches (101.57 millimeters).

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Compact Single Loop Process Controller

A scalable single loop process controller contributes to system affordability. Integrated, panel mount controllers can deliver PID control, over- and under-limit control, or integrated functioning. Advanced communication within a single loop process controller supports enhanced connectivity. Controllers with versatile functionality are designed for the management of an industrial control system. We offer compact, panel mount packages that feature modular configurations for the optimal use of space and simplified terminations. Take a look at the Watlow single-loop controllers in 1⁄32, 1⁄16, 1⁄8 and 1⁄4 DIN panel mount packages. Then, let us know how we can streamline control of your thermal system!