Mica Band Heaters

Mica Band Heaters are computer designed and manufactured to your specifications. Only the highest quality materials are used for optimal performance. Options for mica band heaters One-Piece Band, Two-Piece Band, One Piece Expandable, Holes & Cut-Outs Hinged Two-Piece, and Thermocouple Options, Lead options, Post Terminal, Barrel nut lock option on both one and two piece, Spring Clamp lock option, Flange lock option both one and two piece , and Standard Strap Clamps. Other options include Terminal Box, Euro plug, and Box style Band Heaters. Mica band heaters support up to 900 degrees F.

Termination Options

  • Fiberglass
  • Stainless steel over braid
  • Post Terminals

Common termination and clamping options:

Common clamping options Common Termination options Common Termination options


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