Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic Band Heaters

The design of ceramic band heaters can offer distinct advantages over other types of band heaters. Ceramic band heaters can support up to 1400 degrees F and will remain low temp on the outside, reductions in energy consumption and operational costs. Industrial heaters such as the ceramic band heater from top manufacturers feature insulated construction for electrical power conservation. A ceramic insulated band heater consists of stainless steel housing surrounding stacked ceramic tiles. A ¼-inch ceramic fiber blanket of insulation is used to reduce power consumption by 25-30%, in comparison to band heaters without insulation.

Ceramic band heaters are also available with double, built-in insulation to deliver additional savings. The ceramic fiber provides low thermal conductivity. That’s why the temperature of the external surface of the heater can be 300 degrees lower than the interior operational temperature. A 1200° internal temperature becomes 400° on the heater’s outside surface. With less heat emitted externally, operators are more comfortable. Top ceramic heaters from our leading lines of manufacturers come in a range of dimensions, design variations and wattages to meet general and specialized industrial applications.

These performance heaters are built for ease of installation and long life. One- or two-piece designs are available, with various clamp and termination options. Contact Hi-Watt for quality heat processing equipment that’s backed by unparalleled customer care.

Termination options:

  • Post terminals
  • Fiberglass lead
  • Termination box
  • Euro connectors

Ceramic Band Heaters That Save Energy

Reduce heat loss and improve operational efficiency with quality ceramic band heaters for high-temperature processing. This band heater distributes heat through conduction and radiation. That means the heater’s fit does not have to be as precise as with other band heaters. The ceramic materials radiate heat into the barrel, while they also conduct energy. Ceramic insulated band heaters are engineered to excel in:

  • Plastic injection molding
  • Blow molding
  • Plastic extruders
  • Pipe heating applications
Ceramic Band Heaters That Save Energy


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