Rod Heaters

rod heatersWhen you need a high-temperature, concentrated heat source to temper a die block or maintain a workable glue temperature, you are looking for a cartridge heater. Also called insertion or rod heaters, these versatile gems have endless production and manufacturing uses.

Hi-Watt Inc. is a leading distributor of industrial heaters, and we can help you find the perfect cartridge-heater and configuration for your unique application.

Common Applications for Cartridge Heaters

Hi-Watt offers a diverse range of industrial cylindrical heating units. From packaging and food production to medicine and engineering, these power-packed heating products are designed to apply consistent, concentrated heat to solids, liquids or gases. The uses for these heaters span dozens of manufacturing and processing sectors. Some of the most common uses for rod heaters include:

  • Heating metal components, such as intricate injection molds or die blocks
  • Helping maintain optimum working temperatures by heating applicators of glue and sealant products
  • Preventing condensation in closed circuits and control panels
  • Maintaining temperatures for engine sump oil and other liquids, such as water or chemical solutions.

Hi-Watt’s cartridge-based heating products are available in a range of temperature options and watt densities, depending on the application. Despite the high-heat capability of some units, this class of heaters is uniquely energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency

Cartridge HeatersHeating processes, in general, consume high levels of energy. Hi-Watt’s rod heaters are designed to transfer heat to the target with nominal heat loss. On an industrial scale, lower energy consumption means significantly lower production costs. Hi-Watt offers four types of these energy-efficient heaters.

Insertion Heaters

Hi-Watt’s standard insertion heaters are chosen with efficiency, value and durability in mind. Used for heating metal from the inside out, the unit inserts snugly into a specially drilled cylinder. A nickel-chromium resistance wire ensures maximum longevity, and a stainless-steel sheath encases the heating element to retard oxidation.

Heat travels through sturdy lead wires that attach to the end of the rod heaters. The lead wires are capable of temperatures up to 550 degrees Celsius. As the heat moves from the lead wires through the heating coil, the steel sheath heats up. That heat then transfers out to the target material.

Immersion Heaters

Hi-Watt’s high-performance immersion units are designed to be placed directly into liquids, such as water, oil or other solutions. Immersion heaters have diverse applications, so Hi-Watt offers configurations in flanged, screw-plug, and over-the-side styles.

Split-Sheath Heaters

This specialized design provides insertion heaters with some useful advantages. The heating coil passes through two half-circle sheaths that fit together to form a circle. When heated, the sheath expands to contact the surrounding material. Split-sheath rod heaters facilitate maximum heat transfer and allow for easy removal of the unit from the hole.

Custom Cartridge Heaters

Hi-Watt‘s line of insertion and immersion heaters are available in selection of metric and imperial dimensions, temperature ranges and watt densities. If your application requires something outside of our standard line, we can provide custom options that conform to the dimensions and wiring configuration you need.

The Hi-Watt Difference

Hi-Watt’s mission is to provide superior products and excellent customer service. We back every product we sell with US-based customer support.  Hi-Watt is more than a distributor of rod heaters; we are a partner to our clients in the thermal industry – always here to help with replacement parts, system modifications and design services.

When your operation calls for a powerful, concentrated heat source, you will likely be shopping for insertion heating products. Hi-Watt Inc. is here to help you find the best solution for your sector’s unique heating needs.

Whether you need an immersion heater for an engine sump or a split-sheath unit for use in a safety block, we’ve got you covered. We look forward to working with you to find the unique heating solutions that help make your operation the best it can be.

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