Quartz Infrared Heaters

quartz infrared heaterFast heat processes demand an infrared quartz heater that transmits energy through short-to-medium electromagnetic waves. In comparison to a metal sheath or ceramic infrared heaters, the industrial infrared quartz heater will achieve virtually instantaneous heat-ups and cool-downs.

What is a Quartz Infrared Heater?

An infrared heater is a type of industrial infrared heater or radiant tube heater with a quartz lamp or tube will cure products uniformly and provide concentrated spot heat with high efficiency. Versatile single and twin tube designs from industry leaders are available.

Quartz infrared heaters are suitable for use in closed or open spaces and rooms with both high and low ceilings. Another reason clients gravitate toward this choice is that it provides high levels of control compared to ceramic and industrial infrared heaters. This makes it ideal for a number of commercial uses, including moisture removal, manufacturing and comfort heating.

Benefits of Quartz Lamp Heaters

Within the category of infrared heaters, quartz lamp heaters with the shortest wavelengths offer ultra fast elevation to working temperatures, usually in less than a second. Heat penetrates products to a greater degree with industrial heaters such as these because of the shorter wavelengths.

The quartz lamp heaters also offer the hottest temperature capabilities among infrared radiant heaters. Tubular quartz design are available that reach their processing temperature in seconds, with 1400-1600°F capabilities. Quartz infrared heaters are a popular choice as a clean method of comfort heating, manufacturing and moisture removal. Our heaters can be ordered in robust configurations for durability and lengthy performance.

Electric Infrared Heaters for Powerful Drying and Curing

Gain all of the advantages of high intensity heat. Our infrared quartz radiant heaters are designed for the most efficient industrial applications. Electric infrared heaters stand out in challenging industrial environments.

We invite you to take a look at our custom and stock electric infrared heater options. Our short-wave and medium-wave quartz heaters offer length, wattage, voltage and termination options.

The quartz infrared heaters feature the latest in industrial grade materials and infrared technology that delivers directional heat with incredible responses. These industrial electric heaters are ideal for shorter processes. The quartz radiant heater with IR energy support materials’ processing and fast cooling. Call us. We’ll help you install a heater tailored to your unique processes.

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Appropriate Applications for Quartz Infrared Heaters

Before you select a type of heater, it’s important to determine whether or not it is appropriate for your intended purposes. Here are some of the sites where you may find electric infrared heating technology in use:

  • Breezeways and patios at restaurants
  • Train stations and boarding stations
  • Service centers for vehicles
  • Gymnasiums at schools
  • Conference centers
  • Aircraft hangars

Why Choose an IR Heater?

There are different types of electric infrared heaters, some of which also facilitate fast heat transfer. So, what is it about quartz heaters that give them an edge over other options?

  1. Energy Efficiency: The cost of energy combined with concerns about sustainability brought the importance of efficiency to the forefront in all industries. Quartz lamps efficiently use the heat created in the infrared region. The heat source is also environmentally friendly and causes no pollution.
  2. Quick Heating Rates: One reason for the efficiency of quartz heaters is the extremely fast heating caused by high thermal transfer. This results from the high source temperature of the tungsten filament. Quartz heaters with the shortest wavelengths offer the fastest response times.
  3. High Temperatures: Along with heating up quickly, quartz infrared heaters reach the highest temperatures compared to other infrared heater alternatives. Some may reach temperatures as high as 1600°F in just seconds.
  4. High Level of Control: Control overheat and energy sources is an important requirement for use in industrial spaces. Quartz infrared heaters allow operators precise control to match the specific required temperature of various processes.
  5. Greater Flexibility: These heaters have a small footprint. This leaves more workspace for production managers or logistics experts to design better workflow. The availability of more space helps to increase productivity while minimizing safety issues from overcrowding.
  6. Cost Efficient: In spite of these benefits, quartz infrared heaters are affordable. Installation costs tend to be lower than other forms of heating. Maintenance is also low cost. The bulbs used in the heating process last for up to five years and cost around $15 or less to replace.

What Makes Us Stand Out

There are many companies offering infrared technology for your business. With so many options available, why should you choose us? We provide more than just stock quartz infrared heating solutions. Businesses may require these heaters for different purposes, leading to some variations in required specs. By offering custom infrared technology, we go the extra mile to meet your company’s specific needs.

Providing tech is only one aspect of our business. We’re also happy to install it at your worksite. Our trained experts will ensure minimal disruption to your operations while getting your electric infrared heater properly set up. This allows you to focus on other aspects of the business that require your direct attention or intervention.

We’ve been in the business since 1979 and take pride in meeting customer deadlines more than 97% of the time. Are you interested in learning more about infrared heaters and how Hi-Watt Inc. may best serve your business? Give us a call at (855) 467-5628.

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