Watlow EZ-ZONE

Watlow EZ ZONEYour thermal heating process requires a dedicated, specialized PID panel mount controller. For a premier controller for a wide range of processes, choose the Watlow EZ ZONE controller.

Learn more about this dynamic controller option and find out why Hi-Watt is your leading supplier of affordable controllers and accessories. Stay up-to-date with the latest in control panel technology to keep your company moving forward.

What Is an EZ-ZONE Controller?

The EZ-ZONE controller is a PID controller that offers a number of benefits. Unlike a typical on/off switch, this PID control panel offers versatile control of your industrial systems and reduced operational costs.

Connect seamlessly with your EZ-ZONE controller with the EZ-LINK mobile application. This feature allows you and your employees to use a mobile application to monitor and adjust your control panel as necessary. Few PID panel mount controllers offer the same level of affordability, convenience and industry-leading quality.

PID control panels are capable of working with a wide range of closed-loop systems. Thermal processing is a popular industry for PID controllers, but here are a few other industries that may benefit from using a Watlow controller:

  • Chemical processing
  • Injection mold tooling
  • Plastic processing
  • Defense and aerospace

As a leader in control panel technologies, Watlow uses only the latest in control options for your PID control needs. This panel is capable of handling common and uncommon processes, such as cascade, differential, ratio, motorized valve control, square-root, dry-bulb/wet-bulb and compressor controls.

Watlow Distributors

Hi-Watt Inc. are recognized nationally as leading Watlow Distributors carrying a complete inventory of industrial electric heaters, thermal and process components, temperature sensors and temperature controllers.

In addition to the Watlow EZ-Zone controller we also carry multi loop controllers such as the Watlow F4 controller, Watlow F4T, and Watlow Limit controllers such as the Watlow PM6. Contact us today to find out about PM express limit controllers, RM integrated controllers, and how we can help you with Watlow EZ-Zone products.

Benefits of Watlow Controllers

Watlow controllersThis Watlow controller option allows you to enjoy reduced system complexity to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. An overly complicated system adds risk of catastrophic failure or sudden breakdown. This streamlined PID control system keeps your installation and maintenance costs low.

You’ll also enjoy lower ownership costs of your thermal loop. This high-performance PID controller comes with the high-amperage power options and an optional over/under limit controller for maximum efficiency. As a connected device, even the normal operation of your Watlow EZ-ZONE controller requires less time.

Use the included current monitoring to detect heater current flow. Should there be an issue with the output or heater load, a provided alarm alerts you and your employees to the issue. This safety issue prevents serious issues related to a damaged heater.

As a dual-channel controller, the Watlow EZ-ZONE system actually incorporates two separate PID control systems. Manage two closed loops with one small, space-saving device. Enjoy a range of mounting options to keep your EZ-ZONE right where you need it.

In the end, you need a PID panel mount controller that you can rely on. Choose an industry-leading brand and order one from an industry-leading supplier. Hi-Watt offers all the latest options of Watlow controllers, so you can find the EZ-ZONE or other great models today.

Find the Best Controllers at Hi-Watt

As a leader in thermal processing technology and equipment, Hi-Watt is an excellent place to order your Watlow EZ-ZONE controller or learn more about this state-of-the-art system. We’ve been providing dynamic control systems to companies since 1979, so our team is confident that we can meet your deadlines and thermal processing needs.

Learn more about Watlow PID controllers and other industrial heating equipment from our expert technical support. Find the manual for your current control panel, learn more about the best PID control systems options and receive answers to your other questions about industrial heaters and controllers.

Contact us today to learn more about the Watlow EZ-ZONE PID controller or to start an order for your business. Our team at Hi-Watt offers affordable prices on heaters, PID control systems and more. Discuss your PID control needs and we’ll help you identify the best system for your thermal heating process.



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